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    On Friday we are going up to the bay of islands to camp on Urapukapuka island, We have seen a few bronzies around last year and i was wondering what tips people had on attracting and catching them. Also if any one knows of any other spots in the area where i’m likely to encounter sharks.



    shark slayer

    Salmon burley up large…and a fish head or large fillet bait stray lined or even better under a balloon..mainline to a heavy swivel and a 1.5 meter trace of 200lb mono or steel trace if you want with a 10-12/0 tuna circle the rib of the balloon through your swivel that way when you get hit it pops off instead of pulling the hook when the fush tries to what nathan and milan off big angry fish do and squash the barb so you can release it hookless..dont be a knob like adam clancey and cut the trace leaving the hook in the sharks mouth…enjoy the power :grin:


    Hairy lemon…awesome spot is urapukapuka. my late granddad used to drop my mum and my younger siblings there for the day while we went chasing marlin and tuna for the day. when coming back we would target the piper schools in the puka bay and get a good feed. marlin is yummy but fresh piper are amazing when cooked fresh!
    such a great spot to put up a tent….. But stuff the marlin and tuna!!!!!!!! I WANT A WILD SALMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on my trout gear ha haha haha


    oh yeah…..sharks are yummy with heaps of batter and salt. make sure you don’t waste the fins though, as a few ones get upset about it. And don’t catch my pet shark, I love her so much


    one square inch peices of sting ray works as a perfect bait for sharks… :grin:

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