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    Allan Burgess

    Sea-run Trout a True Treasure by Zane Mirfin

    Caption: REWARDED: Lawrence Schicker of the North Island with his first South Island ‘‘nomad of the tide’’.

    Sea-run trout have got to be one of New Zealand’s greatest sport fishing treasures.

    Utilising waterways throughout their length, from pristine headwaters to estuarine and coastal waters, migratory anadromous brown trout have populated virtually all the water ways of the Dominion since the late 1860s.

    These highly mobile trout use estuarine and coastal waters for feeding, forage, and recuperating from the rigours of spawning during spring and summer, while traversing upland toward alpine waters during late summer, autumn, and during winter spawning. Along the way they give us Kiwi anglers plenty of chances to fish for them too.

    Read the whole story here: Sea-run Trout a True Treasure by Zane Mirfin, 18 November 2013,

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