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    I know next to nothing about Salmon rods, but I plan to buy one for their ability to cast a lure long distances. I feel they would be good to cast out spinners and softplastics to tempt Kingfish and KY from the shore.

    My budget is around $250. I prefer Spinning reels over the other designs. The guides would need to be able to handle braid.

    Any suggestions?


    For the type of fishing that you describe there is only one rod worthy of consideration.
    It is a “Composite Developments” model “Graph Surf Heavy” rated 60-150grms.
    With braid it can go down to 15grm and has enough grunt to handle a decent sinker.
    Salmon rods used to 11 1/2 to 12 feet but some now are 13 feet or more. Avoid the longer ones as they are too hard to hold up with a good fish.
    The ‘Graph Surf” has a low mount reel seat – but before you say that you only use an eggbeater on high mount I can show you how to use the low mounted eggbeater which is much easier to use but also casts further.
    There are two modifcations which must be done to the standard rod.
    The first is remove the rubber butt cap and insert a suitable tube up the butt to make the rod 6inches longer below the reel then replace the cap.
    Next carefully unwind the thread from the first ring and put the ring onto the tip section.


    Thanks for the info. I would try and track one down.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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