Salmon fishing upstream

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    Visited the Wakamarina again and gave myself heat exhaustions for the effort.

    Due to the recent hot weather, people have been swimming in it which mean the fish now hide during much of the day.

    Beneath and a couple of ponds above the main road bridge typically holds a few fish.

    There is a nice pond which can be accessed via a small path at the start of Griegs Lane (atleast I think thats the name). There is a ropeswing over the pond. If left undistributed there is normally a few fish present, if spooked by swimmers they sometime lurk beneath the overhanging willows on the far bank.

    Upstream from there until the large pond near the angler Access has same nice looking water but I have not seen many fish.

    In the big pond by the angler access I did not see any trout today, but it normally holds a few. The ponds upstream can hold the odd fish with ones being 5lb+ not uncommon.

    It is possible to walk up the gorge (Bit of bush bashing required) and in the middle there is a series of 3-4 pools which typically holds a fish or two. I have not been able to navigate the second section of gorge.

    The middle reaches holds very few obvious fish. I have only ever seen 1 trout.

    The upper reaches above the DOC Campground is very gorgy and difficult going. There the river is a series of deep tempting looking pools. I have only seen 1 trout in that section but it would not surprise me if a few trophy fish are lurking up there but the terrain protects them.


    Didn’t manage to trout fish around Picton. We were way down Queen Charlotte Drive. with a big walk out to the road. Fished the sounds last Saturday


    I have been fishing around Marlborough for the last 2-3 years and there is still plenty of water I wish to fish.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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