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    I was just checkin out the regulations regarding the South East FMA (Southern region fishery management area).I normally fish the Challenger East FMA and on my quest to find Sharks and Moki :grin: I end up crossing into the South East FMA and didnt realise I was doing so until now.I checked out the size and daily bag limits for this area and was quite suprised with some of them.

    [u]Daily bag limits per person[u] (Combined daily bag limit of 30 finfish)

    Sevengill – 1

    School shark – 5

    Red cod – 10

    Spiky dog – 15

    Snapper – 10

    Trevally – 30!

    You are only allowed 15 spikys but you are allowed 30 trevally??? 10 Snapper but only 5 school sharks???

    Not that you should be taking these sorts of numbers but is it just me or does this seem a little backwards? :?


    lol should be 50 doggies and 1 trevally :lol:


    lol yeah man seems a bit strange to me ay.I mean thats like saying oh yip you can only take 5 spotties….but you can have 15 blue cod,take 10 butterfish…but only 5 mullet please :?
    Up here theres no limit on spikys and you are allowed no more than 3 snapper. (Combined daily bag limit of 20 finfish)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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