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    Hi I don’t know if this is the right spot to post this but i am going to do it anyway.

    A friend and i headed out on tuesday night to fish off of Black Rock at Taylors Mistake and to be honest it was a pig sty. There was empty plastic bottles, supermarket bags, old bait bags, empty and smashed beer bottle’s everywhere (personally i have never been a fan of drinking and rock fishing). The most disgusting thing was the amount of faeces (human ! and canine) that was dotted over the rocks. Also there was yards and yards of line just discarded where people had abvisouly been chaging rigs etc. I’m not a great fan of seagull’s but seeing one die slowly because some “d _ ckhead” can’t be bothered to pick up his / her rubbish makes my blood boil.

    I am very disappointed to find what used to be many years ago a clean and tidy place to spend an evenings fishing resembling a rubbish dump.

    I am sure that no one who frequents this forum would leave a fishing spot in such a state but if you do then beware for if i see anyone not taking that with which they arrive other than fish then you are going to hear about it and i hope if any member hear see’s such disgracefull behaviour they will tell the “idiot” with the dog and beer to clean up their mess !!!

    Not only does such selfish behavoiur spoil it for others that use the area it also blights us “fishermen” in general as bad eggs.

    Anyway before we left in the early hours of wednesday mornig we removed as much as we could pack and carry out safely and i urge you all to do the same.



    totally agree there leeston fishermen rubbish is a worry alright. good to see you picked up what you could some people just have no respect or to lazy to take there rubbish home. well where i fish theres bugger all rubbish but always pick rubbish i see around. well its probaly years of rubbish there and very sad to see. well its a shame really black rock is used by alot of people and i would say 95% pick up there rubbish its just the bad eggs who don’t . on the other hand why don’t the counsils supply rubbish bins in very popular spots like this to help the growing problem. there many popular spots that have nowhere for people to discard there rubbish which is a shame. not saying its a excuse but it sure doesn’t help in a place we call clean and green new zealand.


    WoW Gold…WOW SHIT get this shit off here :x


    Easiest just to contact the admin through the website. The other time there was spammers he responded quickly to my email.


    I know exactly what you mean, rubbish is one of the most disgusting things that ruins our fisheries, not to mention the environment, AND! people can prevent it!

    I remember seing a small eel come up to the bank on te Waiau river with a plastic bag choking it i couldn’t get the bag out so i went and got a rock to kill it
    and when i got back it was already dead [If someone came up to me and said ‘O’ well its just a stupid old eel” i honestly would have cracked THEM over the head!]. Its one of those disgusting things that you can’t do much about except pick up your own rubbish and any other junk you see.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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