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    i have never hooked can i have some tips and where to catch them


    there should be loads of tips and advice in previous posts


    Like the ginger said this has often been discussed…

    Bait: Prawns (Cooked or raw), Paddle Crab or Crayfish.
    Hooks: Does not matter, but around 4/0 in size.
    Time: Best targeted in the evenings or after dark, although they can be caught any time of day. Sometimes can have great fishing during the day but its normally slower.

    They do not seem to care about dirty water

    They can be caught of almost any surf beach.


    and prefer rougher water


    IMO , rig feed more in the dirty water …rough sea ususally means dirty …calm and dirty is just as productive ….and way easier to fish

    Probably the best tip over and above what the others have mentioned , is to use the biggest crabs youve got at the best time of night/morning available to you if fishing is slow …..unless you have a good supply of big crabs …..
    Half a large crab will outfish a whole small crab hands down ……..remove the legs and shell of the half large crab , and bind it on with cotton , a 2nd hook sliding down the trace into the other side of the bait will help ….this bait will ooze oils and scent that any right minded rig will seek out long long before he stumbles across a whole small crab laying dead and odourless on the bottom


    Biggest problem people have targeting rig is either using hooks that are to big or baits that are to big (whole crabs), although really small whole crabs work well and can last a bit longer if there’s sea lice around (they will get into anything though). They then wonder why they get bites or “nibbles” and runs but don’t hook up. Small bite sized baits and hooks will mean nearly 100% hook up rate.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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