Releasing Sevengillers back into the surf.

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    I had quite a bit of trouble today getting the larger sevengillers to swim back out to sea.

    The tope was off like a rocket, and the smaller sevengiller was light enough to ‘carry’ into deeper water. The big ones felt to squishy to pick up and carry, so I typically stood on either side and prevented them from being washed back up the beach and release, or gently push them towards the sean with the out going wave. After a dozen or so attempts the sharks eventually get deep enough to weakly swim/tumble behind the breaking wave. Mainly looking for a way to return to the sea which would be less stressful for them.

    They appear to be quite passive on the beach.


    yeah they are pretty lifeless once beached,its when you try to pick them up the sharp end comes to life and starts following you :lol: I cant say I had to much trouble getting them to swim back out but I did get fairly wet putting them back in the surf.Once they roll out and get past that first breaker they tend to dissappear but in saying that I guess it all comes down to how hard they fought and how long they were out of the water for.
    Did you end up getting any pics Miliwolf?


    Did not take a camera with me.

    I was a bit concerned about picking them up because they were quite ‘soft and squishy’ and I wanted to avoid any stress to their cartilage and internal organs. But I guess being able to carry them 4-5m further out would result in a much faster release and less time suffocating.

    One of them, I think the 40lber swam 30-40m parallel to the beach in about a foot of water before getting through the breaker and into deeper water.


    always have trouble getting them back out even with 2 of us taking them back out they just get pushed back in the little ones under 5 ft arent so bad to get back in the water

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