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    Firstly im not taking a shot at anyone, i’m just pointing out some of the unrealistic expectations here.

    I don’t use high proformance gear for fishing, infact i’m old school, i have many of the rods listed through this post, and have made many change’s to them. From sliding reel seats, guide positions, whatever. I also dont pendilum cast when fishing. But from all my rods regardless of there quality, i have had a jarvious walker for nearly 15 years, which is wippy as shit which i still use, running a reel almost as old without a real long cast spool ( okuma fina ) which just slamming it over will go 150-160 meters without any modifactions at all. My point wether you take it on board or not, Is for one you don’t need flash gear to fish with, cheep reels and rods are fine. ( my opinion ) before you start looking at the rod for distance, you should look at your technique.

    Obviously the less distance you cast the higher some of your percentages will be which was pointed out above. I dont mean to stand on toes, but i tell it straight, there is much miss informed information out there and many who buy fishing gear get feed some real crap. Just because you buy an expensive rod wont make you cast further, nor does it mean its good. There are many good rods out there that are expensive, but not all rods within that expensive range are designed for distance like it can be portryed.

    The reason i believe cheep reel are fine from the surf, is because all reels need to be looked after, some more than others regardless of the price. The average fisherman doesn’t catch 20kg plus kingfish- 80kg plus sharks, for that you need specialist gear ( quailty gear ) with the right internal componants to withstand the pressure an heat. But when chaseing these fish you target them, to get the results. You use bigger gear than what you would for actual surfcasting. The average fisherman catch’s red cod, mullet, snapper, gurnard, kahawai, kings to 15kg if hes lucky, school sharks. The fact is that none of these fish will shatter a cheep reel, all of these fish however are achiveable on cheep reels. Many of the big over weight bait runners are an expensive over kill from the beach, hardly needed. Handy at times for lemon fish ect for there first run, but for the most part an over weight over kill, exspecially when ya catching red cod, gurnard, kahawai and sholies. More to the point when i see guys using 12lb line !! why use 12lb line on a big heavy reel rated to 24lb when your not even going to get close to testing it? A cheep silstar, tica, okuma diawa emcast will be more than efficiant. So with this in mind fishy, this is what my basis of the comment on the reels was. Same for casting. Many top casters around NZ have very cheep reels, ive seen ROVEX reels go to 200m, TICA dolphins go to 200m The list is long. You dont need an expensive reel for distance.

    Fishforpot, what rods where you removing the guides from? Just curiosity.

    You are correct in the fact that guide spacings are important, to get a 50% increase ( which im not disputing ) you cant be casting that far in the first place ( dont take that the wrong way ) Some of the rods i have, including a 222 rather than moving the bottom guide i stripped the reel seats and put on propper adjustable reel seats on, Meaning i could put the reel all the way to the rubber for casting, then pop it back up after the cast into the stand , using my left hand on the reel, and my right to thump the rod over .

    As far as distance loss with bait goes, im being realistic. It’s that simple. Take it how you will, obviously if you cast not so far, the percentage will be a bit lower. Yeenahs distances he has quoted was a very good day, certainly not an average. Any way, i’ll leave it there, This again is not a dig, seasons greetings and a happy new begining to what will be a fantastic year


    What Jarvis Walker rod and size sinker are you using to cast 160 meters? The jarvis walker rod I have is so bendy, bends all the way down to the bottom of the rod and is terrible to cast.


    5 once, 6kg line. Im not sure of its specs Zac, it is floppy. That distance was an actual measure mate 158m Gave it a go on a casting day to see how the old girl was going. I dont penilum generally unless i’m in a casting comp. And there is no point in pendelum casting such floppy rods becasue they dont take the time to load up like casting rods. But i do use a long drop and swing the sinker away from me so the pressure is on the rod right from the word go, diffinitly helps go get your bait out to if you are wading.

    Fishy Bishy

    OK, whatever Wilderness, I still make very little sense from your extensive reply but being in a position to know a hell of a lot of “top distance casters” and I don’t know of any that would risk the glory of the day with a “very cheep reel”.

    Sure they may have a very cheap reel in their shed somewhere but you wouldn’t find them “on the track on raceday” so to speak. :wink:

    Hells teeth man…..We had a range of about 14 rods leaning against the deck at our place for a casting day we held and there was well over $10000 worth of kit there just in the rods.
    You name it from Zippies to Century’s to Zippies to Century’s with all manner of Zippies and Centuries separating all the other high dollar items amongst which were several Kilwell Powerplay’s and other brands of various descriptions.
    If you really believe a top caster would adorn one of those with a very cheep reel, you need to change your doctor your medication.
    Just imagine the laughing stock they would be when all around them $300 to $1000ish reels would be compared between colleagues and all of a sudden comes “dark horse” with his Tica Dolphin competing for top dog caster of the day on his Century or similar???? ( :lol: CHOKE!!!!)

    As Yeahnah (Neil) has explained, his reels are severely up-spec’d for the purpose and bear little or no resemblance to the factory off the shelf models you or I may use on the beach river or pond.
    A bit like pimping an old Humber 80 with a rotary engine if you like, and yes, I know where one of those is too and is owned by a colleague in the tackle trade too.
    Neil’s distances are consistent, not one-offs as Wilderness implied and he is getting further and further from the start mark with practice.

    There is just one part of the post I agree with, “…. for one you don’t need flash gear to fish with, cheep reels and rods are fine.”
    So, I guess this is a go nowhere thread for me, have fun fishing………. :roll:


    Fishy Bishy

    Fishy Bishy

    Read my post again and you might get the point.
    My comments ARE well-founded, my points ARE clear and I have backed them up with real life experience so thanks for the uneducated comments regarding my input and susequent personal attack.
    I’m sorry, I don’t recall seeing you at that casting event we organised.
    Perhaps if you took the time to read and think you might learn something.

    Values of reels generally reflect the overall integrity of the equipment.
    If you think you can cut it with a cheapie go right ahead, no-one is stopping you but the general consensus among the seriously experienced is that you are wasting your time and money if you think you can cut it distance casting with just a long cast spool on any old reel. Been there……been hopeful…….been outperformed by purpose built kit.

    There are many specialist reels out there off the shelf at BIG dollars which are built for distance casting and these are not designed for straight out fishing.
    Conversely, there are off the shelf reels available, that with up-specing as referred to in Yeahnah’s case, they are capable but the up-spec components plus the reel price off the shelf adds up to a fairly high value.
    So, Wilderness, this IS about dollar values in a sense, and IS about the integrity of a reel and doesn’t just come down to a shape of spool.
    There is so much more to it than has been revealed here and I recommend you start another thread inviting comments from those who own such high performance kit.
    Any advice to the contrary from you or anyone is irresponsible and should not be put in print (IMHO).


    Wilderness is a very very good caster in his own right and wont be far off getting into the 200’s if hes not already there.

    My abus have the following mods
    No level winds.
    adjustable magnetic braking
    rocetfuel oil in the bearings.

    The lack of level wind is simple
    The braking is so while the sinker is in flight I can wind the braking off for less drag.
    The oil is just oil but made for small bearings running at high speed it also comes in a range of weights for tuning.

    Total cost of any of the reels $250 or so .
    You can spend a lot more with a qtc frame and cer bearings but I dont need it 250+ casts have been made on reels like mine .
    The rod plays a part the reel and line play a part the caster plays the biggest part .

    Would I like a qtc framed reel with a benfield side plate YES would it make a difference unlikly .

    My fishing reels are in the 190 to 250 odd dollar mark daiwa sl20’s and 30’s and penn 525 and 535 mags they work and have yet to fail me in any way I do have a sl50 for those days when theres BIG things around.

    Any ways bloody hot here and to hot for any arguments .
    Peace to all goodwill to all men and all that. :dude:


    Do you purchase non levelwind models or remove it yourself ?


    Fishy, i think you would be in for a shock if you went through the gear i have mate. im not blowing my trumpet with casting, as i have never done anything special there, i am a reasonable caster however and have spent time designing blanks, some of which many use, complete rods, as well as personally tested many reels. Reading back through this thread, my imput was very direct and abrupt, but, for the most part constructive. There are many valid points in there though. It is pretty clear you dont agree with any of it, and that is fine, you pick faults through everything, your opinion. I think however you should take a step back though, It is obvious your blowing through straws. Having flash gear wont make you cast further than the rest, nor will it catch you fish. When it comes to casting a fixed spool, it’s only job is even line lay and release, you dont need a fancy $500 drag system for dry casting, the grass isn’t going to take off with your sinker to the point you have to fight it like a fish? :roll:

    Seriously fishy,

    Fishy Bishy


    As far as cheapish gear goes i use a $115 Penn Powerstick and a $110 Rovex 8000Z i can hit just a bit over 150 in the park just with that gear with an OTG cast without having to really hammer it and i don’t really need to cos my height helps me and i also taught myself from youtube hehe so i definitely wont claim to be any master of distance casting, now if i did have someone who could teach me personally and try out some casts with someones fancy shmancy setup imagine the possibilities.

    Fishy Bishy

    Thanks for more personal attack Wilderness, I am beginning to see why you come on forums.

    I care nothing for your self proclaimed prowess as a tackle and equipment enthusiast but have an admission of my own.

    I am as guilty as many on this thread for sidelining the original intention of the first poster, from South Canterbury who asked….
    “Side caster/Egg beaters/or Free spool best for surfcasting off the beach? ive allways had egg beaters but looking at free spool one snow

    I apologise for any possible wandering away from topic and putting all other comment behind, suggest you try whatever you feel may benefit you.
    Ask someone on the beach using a freespool where you can [b:2dxqvv6c]physically see [/b:2dxqvv6c]the techniques used, style of cast and drawbacks.
    Ask them what line they are using, what weight, compare rods etc. The results will be different from angler to angler but many factors will be the same.

    If you have access to a free spool capable of beach casting with lead and baits etc have a go. This will give you a fair indication as to whether or not it is for you or if you stick with the Alvey or Fixed spool.

    Enough said. time to go fish, happy new year.


    Brother has a monster of an Alvey i might give that a crack sometime..




    Same size rod as mine and i was using a 4oz at the time.



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