Red cod around christchurch

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    I am keen to do some surfcasting the winter, targeting red cod.

    I am a noob at surfcasting, so what locations around chchcan i catch red cod, also baits, tackle, etc?

    thanks guys


    The key is fishing at dusk or after dark, Not sure if its the same in Christchurch but down here all you catch during the day is dogfish and then the cod start biting after dark although I haven’t caught many in the last couple years. Just about any bait works but mullet or fish bait is the best followed by squid. Standard surfcasting gear is fine 12ft+ rod 3-4oz sinkers and 20lb line.. Try any the beaches north and south of Christchurch.


    It can be rewarding at times more times than most you
    Have doggys around but using shellfish prawns crabs etc will mean
    Less get caught. After dark will be your best bet though can
    Be freezing cold


    The best bait for red cod are yellow-eyed mullet. The fresher the better. You can use yellow-eyed mullet that have been frozen but the results will be way better if they are fresh, that is kept in the refrigerator over-night. It is best to fish for red cod when the sea is calm. just cast your surfcasting baits in close behind the breakers close to shore. The cod will be in close hunting for food dislodged by the waves! No need to cast a long way out.Arrive an hour or so before dark somewhere like Birdlings Flat and fish the incoming tide if you can.

    shark slayer

    in my opinion red cod fishing around chch is almost a complete waste of was good a few years back but the trawlers have wiped out the cod population and they are now few and far ginga said shellfish and prawns work..they wont touch crabs tho..they feed on them but will not take them as bait..kaikoura is the go..mullet or trevally are better than squid i dont think it has to be fresh tho i find fresh frozen mullet to be really effective..but the best bait is raw prawn they love it as much as mullet but ya dont get the dogs..during the day if its discoloured and a bit rough they feed all day or any conditions in the dark…

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