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    does anyone think rapalas are very good,? ive been wondering for sometime if its worth getting one to target trout with, any help would be great thanks,


    They have their place, for certain techniques they are deadly. For example, in one spot I cast out directly in front, then allow the current to pull the floating Rapala around to be parallel to the shore and beneath overhanging willows. I then retrieve it beneath the trees in a spot which is impossible to fish otherwise. Others like to drift a sinking Rapala down a current and over a drop-off to the feeding trout. In such cases they are deadly. In normal, cast upstream and retrieve fishing they are still a worthy lure.

    Now, are Rapala worth the $20 asking price? I do not believe they are. There are equally good minnows (storm wildeye) for half the price, then there are the Chinese ones on trademe. They a bit of a gamble but often a minnow the equal of a Rapala can be brought for a few dollars. If I was to spend $20 on a Minnow, I would spend it on a Yo-Zori, they are normally a few dollars cheaper and imo they have a superior action. Only downside to the Yo-Zori is the limited patterns and styles available locally.

    So yes, it is worthwhile to have a few minnows.


    have a look on trademe in freshwater fishing under lure blanks. your will find rapalas offered (new ones) at very reasonable prices. personally I don’t use them even tho I get given them, as I have a tendency to break them off when I cast and I hate seeing them float across lake or down a river.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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