Ranking Canterbury Fish

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    I’m unfamilier with all of the kinds of fish and sharks available in Canterbury (for surfcasters), which fish do you consider to be the:

    Best Sport/Fighting (pound for pound):

    Best Eating:

    Best combo of the above:

    Most abundant/easiest to catch a tasty feed:



    Best Sport/Fighting… Kahawai are great fun on light tackle, Rays have a lot of power, Rig and School sharks can also put up a decent fight. I could mention kingfish but they are a unlikely catch…

    Best Eating: Kahawai, Rig, Elephant fish, Moki :| , Gurnard (around Kaikoura). Skate is also rather nice but difficult to prepare.

    Best Combo: Kahawai, Rig, Elephant fish.

    Probably should also mention Salmon.


    The best fighting fish would depend on what tackle its caught on for example Kahawai are Heaps of fun on Trout gear but when caught on heavy surfcasting gear they can be winched in. Overall Ive found stingrays to be extremely powerful no matter what gear there hooked on even the small ones put up a huge fight on 20lb line.

    I know a lot of people will disagree but for me personally the best eating fish caught of the Canterbury beaches is Red cod followed by Elephant fish. Both are reasonably abundant on certain beaches at certain times of the year.


    it depends on how each fish is caught dispatched prepared and cooked..I love smoked cajun barra and its a hoot off the shor on spinner..


    best eating off the beach for me is elephant fish,smoked ky if i get it done right,..best fighting are eles,rig and ky..thats what i think,

    smells like fish

    from southland
    best eating rig (not caught an elle yet)
    best fighting KY
    find it hard to tell what type of shark i have caught unless its a rig (no teeth) or spiny df.


    best eating rig kahawai elephant fish . best fighter i reckon big rig and school sharks


    Best Sport/Fighting (pound for pound): Rig and school shark, several other fish are also strong pound for pound, but don’t get big enough to offer a challenge unless you have light gear. You will get sevengill sharks down there too, I don’t know if I’d say they are a great fighter for their size, but they get pretty big.

    Best Eating: Moki. My youngest son complains about the black capillaries that run through their flesh but it doesn’t affect the flavour (or blue cod and gurnard if you are lucky enough to catch them off the beach).

    Best combo of the above: Rig

    Most abundant/easiest to catch a tasty feed: Down in Timaru I’m guessing it will be elephant fish and the odd rig in spring and summer, and red cod in winter.


    Best Sport/Fighting (pound for pound):elephant fish, a good size moki, ky

    Best Eating: elephant fish, moki

    Best combo of the above:elephant fish, moki

    Most abundant/easiest to catch a tasty feed: summer- moki, ky- winter red cod

    i picked those fish as i haven’t caught a rig big enough that gave me a good fight

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