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    Is yours one of the opera type ones from trademe Miliwolf?


    Yeah, just one of the cheap Opera pots. I did add weight by tying on a section of fencing standard to the bottom. Otherwise they float and move around a bit to much.

    The entrances of the Opera pot are quite small which prevent the bigger crabs from being caught. No good if you want them for eating, but the smaller ones are less fiddly to use for bait.


    I’ve used a opera net in the surf at okains bay and even got a few.
    I walked out to waist deep and dropped the pot and ran a reel of 50lb nylon back to the beach where I was fishing. worked good calm conditions wouldn’t try if was rough.
    One day I was swimming at caroline bay timaru with my kids and a guy came past towing a slab of old fish on a string the paddle crabs would appear out of the sand he was just grabbing them and chucking them in a bucket. (he came from the west coast to get them???)


    Only try walking the pot out if the beach is gently sloping…

    At Whites-bay, Titirangi and several other Marlborough beaches where its shallow and protected from the worst of the swell its possible to walk around and grab them, they are easier to find at night. When we were kids, at Port Gore we use to have have them pinch our toes while swimming. Then we would grab them :lol:


    Heres how i rig the cooked prawns on the hook

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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