pnumatic bait launcher

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    smells like fish

    Been slowly working on this for a while now,all pressure rated pvc.pumped it to 70psi and stuck a spud in it and fired it at some ply from 20m and it blew a softball sized hole through it.It is rated to around 200psi.

    Once I sort the sinker/bait formula out I should be getting over 200m easy.

    Ill need a bigger reel…..


    The Sabot is a critical part of the launcher .
    Find some PVC pipe which fits neatly inside the barrel .
    Cut a 3 inch length , and cut a ‘cap’ not a bung , to glue on the bottom …..the bung needs to be incredibly neat fitting
    This forms a cup which protect the bait , and when you bolt a lead weight under the cup , it becomes the sinker .

    In such devices , the sabot is normally sacrificial ….in this case it wont be …..but I suggest you make half a dozen cause accidents do happen .

    I dont the idea of PVC barrel etc ….not at that pressure ….. make sure you protect everything from the sun …and duct tape the shit out of everything as a precaution

    smells like fish

    the pvc is rated to about 180psi and is quiet thick walled.

    I made up some ice clyinders in off cuts of the pvc pipe containing a baited hook and weight and burly tied on to a swivel and launched them .One went about 120m and one about 200m when the line snapped (I need to use shock leader or steel trace).I was only at 80 psi and 90psi.
    Im keen to try the sabot idea as ice may make the barrel brittle,so do you launch the open end of the cup out or do you launch the cup with the top facing out?

    also does the bait stay protected during launching and come out apon impact or does it fly out during launching?


    Open side facing forward ….it soon flips around due to the weight , but the bait is at speed by then so it cushions the shock .

    What volume of air is in your reservoir ? ….. we use a 3Kg LPG bottle ….and had it up to 185Psi from memory ….shot a 9oz sinker with single bait just shy of 240mtrs …. the crack when you pull the trigger hurts your ears

    Still thinking some kind of remote drone with a release servo would be more fun , and legal lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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