OT:Christchurch Quake Hope you are all OK

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    This has nothing to do with fishing, but, in this time of need, we should pull together.

    I’ve been helping out with the Fire Service in the CBD of Christchurch in a rescue capacity, it is HUGELY depressing to see so many people so down-beat, Firefighters, Ambulance staff, Police officers and of course the general public.

    There is a certain sense of failure here, even though a thing like this was never within their control.

    I hope that everyone here is well and has lost no-one with this latest disaster.

    If however, that you know of someone that may be missing and we may know where they are, please by all means, sing out.

    In times like this, we must all band together for the greater good.

    Please, if you are in the Christchurch area, do all you can to look after your neighbour, life is so impersonal these days, it is not a situation of “I’m alright, screw you!”

    Emergency services have enough to do as it is, it really comes down to YOU.


    All pull together ?? Im having images of soggy wheetbix …..lol

    Why did Firemen have bigger balls than Policemen ??…..they sell more tickets

    Right in the middle of the mayhem out in the Eastern suburbs here , we are coping ….the fishing season is over for us I’d imagine tho ….


    yea fish for pot, i wont be going out for ages now aswell

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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