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    Hi I am going camping in Okains Bay next weekend. I have never tried surfcasting before but I am off to buy some new equipment to start. Any suggestions or tips on good spots for surfcasting.


    Hi Fishing girl,

    I would suggest an all round rod and reel set at least 12 foot long if surf casting or 8 to 10 foot if rock fishing, and at the chaper to middle end of the range to begin with then once you get to like fishing and figure out where you fish on a more regular basis then you can buy gear to suit those conditions and fish better.
    You will need around 25 to 35lb fishing line, some sinkers hooks and swivels to start you off. 4oz through to 6oz sinkers depending where you are going, seek advice from where you buy your supplies, to begin with I would recomend a sports shop with a specialised department they should be able to give you good advice, until you know more what you need then you can look out for supplies from anywhere.

    If you have any specific questions ask away, lots of people on here to help you into it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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