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    Hey guys i’m new to this site just starting to get into surfcasting mainly been a river person.

    Just wondering if anyone has had any luck over in okains bay fishing? I’m heading over there in a few weeks time. Has anyone got any good tips or pointers that could help me.




    Hey bud, nice place there. Lots of flounder come into that estuary and over the shallows, so a torch and spear are a must.
    As for surfcasting, it’s very gradual so no dropoffs. You should find rig, kahawai etc (caught both there). Shellfish round to the right, but i
    think the lower path is closed. There is a 4wd track you can walk over to the other bays, but the guy living in the 3rd bay around isn’t friendly
    or normal!


    nth or sth ? does the bay have a name ?? if its the nutter Im thinking of , well yeah ……

    Space ships coming down and stealing his stock …….wears a tin foil hat inside his house the stop the aliens scanning his brain ….bloody fruitloop
    I think he got done for not watering or feeding his stock or some shit …


    Hey cheers for the reply i think i know the farmer you are talking about as you head up over the hill you kinda get to a midpoint where the road carries on and to the right there is a guys farm. I remember years ago a mate had to get permission to go through his land to get down to the waterfront have to go through about 4 gates to get there he was weird back then and this was a few years back.
    If anyone is keen i’m always looking for people to go fishing with as alot of my mates arn’t into it. i usually just head away by myself but be good to head away with other people.


    About 3 years ago I stopped in his bay to gut some butterfish id speared and he was strutting his fluff up and down the beach with his air rifle trying to scare off some jet skiers. He’s a real nut bar lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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