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    Hi all,

    Im new to fishing and i need some help.

    1. Whats the best bait to use for Kahawai and Snapper.

    2. Any good Wharfs / Rocks in northwest Auckland to fish off.

    ive already tried , Herald Island, Cornwallis, Muriwai rocks and the Wharf by Kelly Tarltons

    and my only luck has been 2 small Kahawai at the Wharf near Kelly Tarltons using Squid

    Would any of you reccomend fishing at Shelly beach?

    also everyone i talk to says theres not much fish around till the water warms up how long till it warms up?

    Thanks -Dan


    This site is predominantly Sth Island fishers.

    That said ….. try using pilchards , tied on with cotton and make sure they have been lightly salted in natural salt …..i.e no caking agent … its cheap as to buy ..Bin Inn has it for about $1 a kilo ….. I prefer to use a 1/1 ratio done the day before I need them .

    Fish near the river mouths for the kahawai ….


    OK thanks i will try that.

    Didnt know it was mainly south islanders thanks


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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