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    G’day from Waimate

    Due to the cost of trout hunting, I have decided to switch to the surf. I will never quit on tieing my own hair & coppers, or stalking salmo trutta, but fair go , I am not taking out a second mortgage to do a fishing trip !

    So the partner and myself have decided that a visit to the Wearhouse is in order. Please stop howling. I know this is bargain basement stuff, but it is all I can afford to splash out ( I spent the rest on bleeding rates ! ).

    Given the ” limitations ” of this cheaper gear, can I expect to hook in to red cod ( size 5 & yabbies ) or rig at some point between Moeraki and Caroline Bay ?

    When I WANT ” big sharks ” I will buy some wire trace , 50 kg line , and head for the Freezing Werks. At the moment we just wanna get some cod / rig / whatever for the freezer.

    Anyhow , I notice I have a neighbour ( nutzforbikez ? ) in Palmerston ( g’day ). Could ANYONE who has some fishing tips and experiance in my neighbourhood give me a few tips ? I am going to have a yak with the bloke in the fishing shop in Timaru about bait elastic , and a few other things, but you lot could give The Gospel on this surfcasting biz I reckon.

    WHO ARE YOU GUYS ??? I saw this post in another forum. Damngoodstuff I say !

    I am : Andy / AJ

    Live in : Waimate

    Work : various / professional lawn mower

    Age : 40 sumthing

    Experiance : My old man put a spinning rig in my grubby hands ( at age 9 ) up at Lake Pearson , and I landed 4 !

    Hooked ever since. Worked a while at Mt Cook Salmon . Runs a Sage RP2 and my own flies.

    Can tie barrel knot. Can clean n gut a fish in 6 seconds ( all that mt cook salmon work ).

    Have NEVER hooked in to a 10 lb brownie :cry:

    So there ya go. Many thanks. Look forward to hearing from y’all. Cheers,

    Andy :)


    Search trademe, you can get alot better gear than what is at the warehouse for the same price if not better!!

    Here is the “who are you guys thread?”

    Be a good idea if a few more people posted in it!! :P


    Hi Shark Tale,

    you were 100% right re Trademe. I can only afford the CHEEP stuff, like a 12 ft Silstar Monsoon 2 piece rod ,
    and a Silstar LF60 or JW Mirage 850. But HEY ! Thats ok ! I reckon its a Good Start. Total cost for rig $80.
    I’ll get sinkerz n trace from the same place I guess.

    The Wearhouse was…..not a good option is all I will say here. I object to buying an ABU for $80 that I know was made in Bambooland. I object to a few of those ( Penn is the same ??? ) . Reason I mention the ABU is that I own an OLD ABU reel from the 50’s ( salt encrusted ) , and I know where it was made ! The rod I have with it is solid fibreglass, and has trashed rings ( caught a lotta salmon I am told ). So now ya know why I NEED a new rig.

    That said, I am certian the ABU and Penn gear does represent excellent value for money. But I own an OLD Mitchell spinning reel, and if you THINK I would swap it for these new fangled Bambooland Mitchells, I DONT THINKSO BATMAN !

    So I am off to bid on my Fantastic Value Silstar gear. :lol:

    Here is to a full freezer :grin: AJ


    The warehouse is often a bit more expensive compared with other stores. I only buy from then during a 40% off sale.

    There is no need for 50kg line for big sharks, all you need is the standard 20-30lb mainline, steel trace and a shockleader to absorb any abrasion from the shark skin. Would use fish over meat from the freezing work for bait.

    Getting back to your question, yes you would be able to catch red cod and rig on the cheaper gear.

    I would get something like this over one of the warehouse sets. $110 for rod, reel and line.

    All surf rods and reels under $300 are now made in Asia. The only reels not made in asia are a handful of high end Penns, Accurates and a few other niche high end products (Van stall springs to mind). The best quality reels are made by Shimano or Daiwa in their Japanese or Malaysian plants.

    edit 2: Also the horrible Aussie reels called Alvey are still made in Australia to the best of my knowledge.

    edit 3: You can make a good cheap Beach spike out of a old fencing waratah and bolt a section of pipe onto the top.


    Hi Miliwolf

    Yup, thats the very thing. Much cheaper and better quality than anything we could find in Timaru. An order has been placed.

    many thanks for tip on beach spike.

    I have the HIGHEST respect for Shimano and Daiwa. The original reels from these makers are works of art, and fully Japanese assembled. It is something of a shame that economics force them to seek the labour rates available in other countries. At least their quality control ensures that we get products that are of a very acceptable standard, and allows people like ME to surfcast without busting the budget ( something I didnt have 20 years ago )

    The reason I mentioned my Mitchell was that its purchase was inspired by another Mitchell owner, who bought his Mitchell in 1952. I bought mine in 1982. ( both French made ) They are identicle ( except for spool…..his is metal and FAR better ! ).
    As the salesman in Cromb & Merritt said, why change a perfect design ???. My friends Daiwa lasted a few years before the bail arm karked it. I tossed him my Mitchell and said ” find the plastic ” . And I believe he began to TWIG that light weight and miniaturisation are NOT the Big Deal that they are made to be. And neither is my graphite spool. It has roughed up on the casting edge,this roughs up the line, and will not give the distance or accuracy ( I am being very fussy here ) that the metal spool gives. I may have paid thru the nose for the Mitchell, but as far as I am concerned, I got a great deal.

    Its like buying a Hardys spilt cane rod, and finding it was made in Thailand. I got shown the latest Mitchell, and it was all I could do to stay polite ! I am sure he will get several years good service, but meanwhile, I will be using my OLD ” bought in 1982 ” Mitchell. I’d use the thing for surfcasting if I thought I could get 200 meters of 20 lb on the spool. I am not taking the mick out of Daiwa. I have owned and used and enjoyed Daiwa ( rods and reels ). But I will be passing on my Mitchell ( along with my grandfathers split cane Hardy ) when I check out. :lol:

    Sorry bout the rave. Prolly mostly horsefeathers. Cheers n beers,


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