New to boating, but what a mine feild!!

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    Well we have decided to buy a boat and get into some fishing around New Plymouth, buying a boat locally….. where? there seems to be very few places for boats around 10k that are not overpriced and quite old, Trademe seems to be the best option but its almost like walking into the lions den “yes my boat has had one lady owner, never been in the sea”

    Fishy Bishy

    I bought mine off T/Me from ChCh and had it transported to Wellington where I received it off the ferry.
    I had John Butler of Butler Marine view the boat, a Reflex Contra, appraise the package, and took his word that it was “not a pig” and was worth a punt.
    He was 100% right, we love it and it is absolutely ideal. I would recommend a Contra to you if you are wanting a first boat and they are on T/Me from about $11000 to $16000 mostly depending on age of motor and equipment.
    (This model boat was recommended to me by John about 8 years ago and he was spot on!)
    Ours owes us just over $12000 including a full service at Butlers before it came up plus some additional gadgets (GPS/Fishfinder) and a new battery.
    The Contra is built on a redesigned hull mould bought from Sea Nymph and was the original 16ft 6 hull but the transom was reshaped and strengthened. Still a gull wing deep vee hull and very stable, very easy to handle and room for up to 5 and engine rated to 120hp.
    There’s my two cents worth but realistically if you want to spend less, try a Fleetline Sapphire (pre 1981 hull). Again an awesome starter boat! :wink:

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