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    G’day People!

    I’ve been a surfcaster for a long time now but have always been a lone wolf so to speak, as most of my mates don’t really get into that much. Seeing as it is Summer it would be awesome to maybe sort out a trip anywhere from Christchurch to Kaikoura so some good ol surfcasting!

    I’m keen most weekends!

    Anyone willing to head out?


    I plan to head down from Blenheim to Kaikouria one weekend shortly. Should work out when the tides are ideal.

    High tide times for December

    (Sunset 9pm)

    Saturday 1st:

    Saturday 8th:

    Saturday 15th:

    Saturday 22:

    In my view. The best time would be the 1st of December or the 15th.


    iwould aslo agree but i alsothing the other ones are also ok high tide at 320 am doesnt sound too bad can fish most of the day andmost of the night and while not fishing just sleep


    im fairly keento do alot over the


    Good idea, it would be possible to fish throughout the day, then a couple of hours after sunset (10:30pm-ish). Go upto the pub/bars for a couple of hours.

    Before returning to the beach for a quick sleep and then a few hours fishing before sunrise.

    Then have 3-4 hours sleep early morning.


    oh yes i like ur thinking there but i cant really get away till after new years will be so busy through december and around xmas


    I think I would head down once over the new year period.

    The thing is during that time of year, there are so many tourist floating around that the Marlborough sounds is a disaster zone and any trout river would be busier then many shopping malls.

    So the only form of fishing left open is to head down to the surf beaches. Sure there would be more people with the same idea but the long beaches offer plenty of space.

    So I would be concentrating on my trout and snapper fishing for the first half of December, with maybe a single trip down to kaikouria.


    oh right


    In my opinion, trading cray for any fish specie is a bloody terrible deal. I would use crab meat instead.

    When I go down there, I would spend the night on the beach with my surf rods. Most of the accommodation is booked out well in advance.

    Was going to go down the previous weekend, but dropped a irrigation pipe on my head and gave myself concussion. 90% better now.


    yea but after new yeas it seems to die down my boss was tellin me he goes there every year from bout the 23rd dec tillth 13th and it dies after new years i dont think it would be overly hard to get


    I suspect quite a few people have to go back to work.

    So over that period I would have the following days off.

    December 22 (Weekend)
    December 23 (Weekend)

    December 25 (Xmax)
    December 26 (boxing)

    December:29 (Weekend)
    Decmber: 30 (Weekend)

    January 1st (New Years)
    January 2nd (????? ?????)

    January 5th (Weekend)
    January 6th (Weekend)

    January 12 (Weekend)
    January 13 (Weekend)

    Should be able to fit one surfcasting trip down to kaikouria during that time. I take most of my annual leave in autumn and a week in spring.


    I just booked a night (boxing day) at the top ten holiday park

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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