My five favourite trout flies.

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    I have previously done my favorite trout spinners, this time is my five favorite trout flies. I love fly fishing, but I still have a lot to learn before mastering the art. There are hundred of fly patterns and variations, many repsenting the same thing. If I could only have five flies in my box these would be them.

    [b:1rqx52x9]Tungsten Bead Pheasant Tail. [/b:1rqx52x9]

    There are dozens of variations of the humble pheasant tail, and it represent one of the trouts favorite foods the mayfly nymph. The pheasant tail is a tightly tied little fly, and with the weight of the tungsten bead it sinks quickly, a good option to reach deep feeding trout, or trout feeding in fast water. I use them in size 14 through to 18, would probably go smaller but have not gotten around to tyeing any. If a trout is Nymphing, then a PT would likely be the first fly I cast in its direction. rate the PT over the equally popular Hares Ear / hares & Copper because it sinks faster due to less fluff and its metal wraps.

    [b:1rqx52x9]Damsel Nymph[/b:1rqx52x9]

    This little fly represents the nymph of the damsel fly, and I have found it to be one of the most effective patterns to fish in lakes (and still waters) over summers. If the Damsel flies are flying then its worth having a few damsel nymphs in your box. When lake fishing (during summer), this is the nymph I use most often.

    [b:1rqx52x9]Black Gnat [/b:1rqx52x9]

    This little dry fly represents a blow fly, or any small terrestrial insects and its a good choice for summer fishing. If desperate it could probably even represent a green or brown beetle. I normally use size 12, I like larger flies because they are easier for me to see on the water. These a variation of the Black Gnat which uses foam, they are also good.


    Middle of summer is Cicada season, and its one of my favorite times of year to go fly fishing. Cast out a #6 or so Cicada imitation into likely looking holding water and wait for the trout to surge across the pool in search of its prey. Maybe a large Black Gnat could also represent a Cicada… have not tried that.

    [b:1rqx52x9]Green Rabbit Fly[/b:1rqx52x9]

    This fly uses a strip of rabbit fur for a tail, which gives plenty of movement when retrieved through the water. Much of the year I fish streamers, especially when its cooler or when the river is colored and I do like my rabbits. A runner up would be the popular Woolly Bugger, and I do also use them but I feel the Rabbit gives more action. But I would happily fish either fly and can not claim one is more productive then the other. I like to use the more natural colours, or black when the water is quite dirty. Do not be afraid of using larger sizes even up to size 2.

    What are your favorite trout flies?

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