Merry Fishmas and a Happy new years

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    Make sure you all have a great fishmas and may santa stuff you stocking/tacklebox with whatever you need.

    I asked for a kilwell xantu lol but im happy with my shitty fin nor gear eh S.S

    AND watch out for the five oh if your having a drink and going for an arvo fish.

    Walking to your fishing spots is time consuming and tiring.

    Be safe !

    See you all next year




    Merry christmas to all and be safe in the new year.



    and may all your fish be big ones



    Yep have a good Christmas and new year guys.



    Have a great Boxing day and a awesome day after new years everyone… (Nobody ever mentions these days)



    Would usually be fishing tomorrow as to me it’s a good day to go fishing and what’s more you get paid while doing it !! That’s what it means to me the whole Christmas thing is over rated



    I normally fish Christmas afternoon or evening. Last summer drove over to Nelson and trolled for Kingies for a couple of hours. The roads were deserted.



    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a great day and head out for a fish through the holiday season, tight lines, and
    be safe out there doing it.


    shark slayer

    i have asked santa for a bag limit of salmon far i have been gifted a strong norwester and the southerly front is holding till the afternoon..lets hope i get it i have been a good boy haha..xmas is a load of bullshit but i enjoy the empty roads and beaches..have a good holliday period boys..zizz zizz..yea bro your on!!! :grin:



    You and Greg are both just Christmas grinches. Hopefully you both get blessed with plentiful Red Cod for lacking faith in Santa’s holiday.



    Here here mili lol
    Its because nzd is slack on xmas day ginga and s.s :P

    Santa was good to me this morn i gotwoken with brekky in bed last nites refried potatoes some smoked chicken some smoked ham and a yummy cous cous rasin and nut salad .
    Fishing was arse last nite fished till 11 fed the crabs , caught a few on my patented bird nest crab catching device.
    May try for some ky later tonite,
    the eles are proving difficult to find even with the fantastic conditions
    And ive tried every beach from rangitata to waimate.
    Maybe there done for the year?



    Well I hope there not done for the year Rig_Slasher as i haven’t even got one yet this season :oops: :mad: Surfcasting has been absolute crap for me this year.



    merry Christmas to every one even the grinches hope you don’t catch any fish till you beleave in santa Remember Beleave



    I had pancakes for breakfast, then around 11pm got to open my pressies. Got a Stoney creek shirt which is a touch to small and a Under Amour shirt which is a good fit. Also the normal chocolates and other gimmicky presents. Then ate way to much Christmas dinner (its impossible to eat to much Christmas dinner). So would digest for a while then head off for a swim :)

    Tonight might buy myself a New Computer :)

    Tomorrow would go around the stores and hopefully pick up a few cool looking ornaments with good discounts.


    kaituna ian

    Happy xmas fellow Anglers and Fisherman ,enjoy the festive season and the forthcoming years sport

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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