Marlborough East Coast Access

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    Decided to write a brief guide on a few access spots along the coast. Most of them would be well known to the locals but could be useful for travelers. Feel free to add more to the descriptions.

    Marlborough East Coast Access

    [b:1vjngxjb]Awatere River Mouth[/b:1vjngxjb]

    South of the Wairau valley the first access to the coast is the Awatere River mouth. To get there drive down the “Redwood pass Road”, this can be accessed from either end, although crossing the redwood pass is quite slow.

    There is a sharp bend and a intersection in redwood pass road, there you drive down Renners road to the coast. The carpark is at the top of a cliff. Most of the time the Awatere river flows northwards directly beneath the carpark.

    During periods of low flow the awatere is blind to the sea.

    [b:1vjngxjb]White Bluffs[/b:1vjngxjb]

    There is no public road to the white bluffs (the road around Vernon lagoons is private). To reach the bluffs you have to follow the beach to the north for 5km from the Awatere river mouth. I personally would not make the effort.

    If you do get permission to use the Vernon lagoon/boulder bank road, it requires walking down a fairly steep bank to reach the coast.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Seaview[/b:1vjngxjb]

    Easy Acess, join Seaview road at Seddon. Then turn South down flemings road. There is two gates to be opened (and closed) before reaching the coast. 4Wds can drive down the cliff but cars should park at the top.

    [b:1vjngxjb]Blind River[/b:1vjngxjb]

    Several roads lead to Blind river, but the main access is from the “Blind River Loop Road”. It can be joined about 1km south of Seddon. Follow the Loop road before turning down Cable Station Road which ends at the coast about 700m north of Blind River mouth (normally blind). At low tide it is possible to drive a 4wd along the coast to Seaview.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Saltworks[/b:1vjngxjb]

    Follow SH1, on the northern side of lake grassmere is turn down Kaparu road, follow the lake edge until the coast. There is a large carpark at the intake pier for the saltworks. 800M to the north there is a sand road which ends at the cliffs in the distance. There is also a Sand road which joins the road at Marfells beach. Take care because the sand is soft.

    [b:1vjngxjb]Marfells Beach[/b:1vjngxjb]

    Follow Marfells beach road just south of Lake Grassmere.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Cape Campbell[/b:1vjngxjb]

    Follow the beach at low tide (quad bikes are popular) from Marfells. On occasion it is possible to pay a toll and drive along “Cape Campbell road”

    [b:1vjngxjb] Ward Beach[/b:1vjngxjb]

    Follow Ward Beach road. There is a large carpark at the coast. It is possible to work north along the beach to the Chancet rocks.

    It is possible to ford the flaxbourne river and park to the South. There walking access to a long surf beach just before Needles point is possible.

    [b:1vjngxjb]Ure River[/b:1vjngxjb]

    It is possible to drive down the riverbed by 4wd, but there is a fairly rough dirt track a few meters south of the bridge which can be followed to the coast.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Wharanui [/b:1vjngxjb]

    Turn down the small road a few km south of the ure river. Cross the railway line, there is signs indicating how to reach the coast. There is a maze of sand roads which can be followed north to the ure river. But they are not really worth the effort and risk.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Willawa pt, Blue Strip, Kekerengu to Boundary Stream[/b:1vjngxjb]

    SH1 runs close to the coast, park on the side of the road when space allows and cross the railway line to the coast.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Boundary Stream south[/b:1vjngxjb]

    The road is quite a distance from the coast, and access is harder.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Three Fords [/b:1vjngxjb]

    There is a dirt road which follows beside the southern most of the three fords. There is a carpark on a cliff just above the coast. Watch for trains while crossing the railway line.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Clarence river northern access [/b:1vjngxjb]

    There is a unsigned track a few hundred meters north of the bridge. The track follows the riverbed to the mouth, it is a very bumpy ride. There is a closed gate which requires to be open.

    [b:1vjngxjb] Clarence river southern access [/b:1vjngxjb]

    Been told of this access but never been able to locate it.

    [b:1vjngxjb] North of Waipapa[/b:1vjngxjb]

    At the end of the passing line and pine trees it is possible to park on the side of the road and walk down to the coast.

    [b:1vjngxjb]Kaikoura Coast[/b:1vjngxjb]

    There is numerious acess points and the run runs close to the coast.


    The access for southern clarence mouth is now locked off with a large wire rope. Went there a few years ago nice beach caught some big fish. I think because of the fire risk and pines they have closed off the access was a bit annoyed to find that had happened. Where the turn off is – from the bridge go around the corner south and it is at the end of the new wire rope side road barrier that has been put there but a locked wire rope so yip no access now.


    Yeah it seems stupid that areas like that are blocked off, but then you see some people with absolutely no regard for the environment, nor its inhabitants, somtimes including other people! and you think maybe its a good reason.
    They could have come up with another solution though….

    But if you brought a bike on the rack [if its to far to walk] then slip under the rope along with ya bike,and gear etc….. whos gonna know?


    It would be 30 Min’s+ to walk. Plus I doubt the fishing would be any different from the north side.


    Well i don’t know jack-s**t about the area so its your call.

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