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    hi im loooking at making sinkers if any one has moulds we should get a group of us and make some ,i hav a spoon mould and snapper one too .It be good if we could get some more moulds and make some


    A friend of mine just put me on to a website called torpedo7 they have sinkers 4,5, and 6 oz with the wire sand grabbers, normally in the shops for $5 or $6ea they selling 10 for $20, $2 ea, sweet. hope it helps you fellas. Hipp


    Was looking at the torpedo7 fishing section last night and they do have a few good prices…

    Depending on freight looks like the trademe sellers are still cheaper for BOS.


    If you’re making sinkers be careful not to get water in with your lead (like I did) – cold water sinks into the lead, heats up, and tries to escape quickly as steam, causing an explosion that sprays molten lead everywhere.


    I use the gemini mold from tackle tactics, makes 3 – 9oz sinkers, have a heap of old lead from flashing etc so with parts works out at about $1.80 ea. Have not bought a made up sinker for 6 years. I also have a jig mold, a puka bomb mold (8-160z)& a ball and pyramid mold. you can use a spoon and sand tray to make spoon sinkers too.

    Get yourself a decent mask to use when making them lead is deadly stuff!

    as for the water I remember trying to make some outside when it started raining….Not fun!!


    I make my own too. Got a 10 ltr bucket of net weights to get through. Its a pyramid/ball sinker mould.
    Got a few hundred made up, but mates always take a few freebies whenever they get a chance :lol:

    Use a decent pot too. I had one that the bottom melted out of and dropped molten lead all over the gas burner :oops:


    I haven’t paid for a sinker in years, was out today and saw how much they charge for them nowadays – looks like I’m going to stick to my trusty Lee melter & warehouse brand molds!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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