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    justgot back from kaikoura crap fishing a few small tara a few small cod some good sized wrasse aaron got a great moki of 50 odd cm also a small conger. group of asians beside us hooked a stong ray a few times then the 3rd time got it tothe surface had a spear on a rope ready to get it and then it snapped them off all in all a fun weekend but poor fishing


    went fishing at dorie beach on friday fishing was not great at all.. caught 4 school sharks only one keeper caught heaps of doggies. was the worst fishing i have had at dorie time to pack up the rods till november..


    Just got back from 2 nights out at titirangi bay.

    Friday night got 10 or so snapper and 3 carpet sharks. Got a trevally so cut that up for bait. My mates got a few KY and a snapper or 2. Snapper were all returned. We thought they had to be 35cm so werent keeping them thinking they were undersize. Found out the next day its 25cm. :oops:
    First time I have been here so was loving the snapper fishing. :grin:
    Went for a snorkel around the point we were fishing from. Just to check out the botom and see what we could find for bait.

    Saturday night turned into a long one. Almost 24 hours on the rocks :shock:
    Bit of a wind came up but we were probably in the most shelterd spot in the bay. So it wasnt too bad.
    The snapper were slow, but there were small sharks everywhere. Nearly every cast resulted in a carpet shark or spinydog. It was good to be constantly catching something but we really wanted the snapper. Got a few small gurnard, blue cod, mullet, and of course bloody spotties!!

    Both nights the moon was real bright and you could see sharks, and rays coming up the berley trail. Interesting to watch while waiting for a bite.

    Fine weather, good mates, alcohol and good fishing resulted in a bloody good weekend. Now I’m off to catch up on sleep :grin:


    Yeah Titirangi is an awesome place ay.About 10 years ago I stayed down there for about 7 days but we stayed in the shearers quarters just up from the jetty and woolshed.Is this the part of the bay you stayed at? Spose its changed alot since I was down there but I dont remember catching as many fish as you did off the point! Caught a hell of alot from the boat though.
    Worth another trip next year you reckon?


    Titirangi is nice…. But it is a long drive. My dad fished there one autumn for a couple of hours around 10 years ago and caught a couple of Snapper and a conger… A local said it was the first (Maybe one of few) Snapper he heard about being caught all year from the beach.

    I do not believe it is any better then many of the other beaches in the outer sounds. I have spent a few holidays in Port Gore (2 bays to the east) and the fishing there is excellent but access is difficult without getting the key. It is nice and remote.

    Without a boat I would personally go to French pass because there is area of current to be enjoyed….. It might be possible to hire a boat from at Titirangi….


    Yeah we were talking about going back another time when we were down there. And maybe hiring the shearers quarters. and bringing the girlfriends so they can cook and clean while we focus on fishing. :lol: We would take our little inflatable to head out a little further too.
    Theres no jetty anymore. We tried a fish directly off the beach, Got a small KY but thats about it.
    The others in the camp all turned up to fish as well. So everyone was friendly talking about catches etc.. Guys on the boats were getting their limits of snapper and bluecod.
    It is a long drive and there are probably other places on the way out there. Along kenepuru etc Seen heaps of people trying for snapper on way back. But its nice and cheap and it produced while we were there. :grin:


    Fished Kaikouria wharf on monday night, stayed until midnight. Caught around a dozen Moki (lost count) and a couple of red cod. The bigger fish turn up later in the night, I left when I run out of bait.


    Nice one Miliwolf, were many of those legal? That 40cm limit is pretty tough. I’ve got my sisters wedding in Blenheim tomorrow, might go to Kaikoura tonight. Are there any decent wharfs between Kaikoura and Blenheim?


    The only thing which resembles a wharf between Kai and blem is the pier at the saltworks and the fishing is better off the beach anyway. I did catch a 3kg moki one night but it was probably a fluke.

    At Kaikouria I guess 2-3 were approaching legal, I did not measure them. I was catching bigger fish closer to midnight when the tide was near high.


    Got a decent elephant today at Wakanui.

    If you dont want to eat it put it back.


    howdy chaps have any of u heard of any reports from whats being caught at the pier?? or really off any of the beaches atm wantng to go sumwhere tomorroe afternoon/evening but wanna know if much is around. otherwise ill just head to the mouth of the mak and maybe go for sum ky or flounder .


    If anyone is interested the high tide is looking good for Kaikouria this Saturday, High is at 10:26pm….. Tempted to head down for a moki fish but I am quite unorganised…. also a full moon. Weather mainly fine.

    It would not be suitable again on a weekend until Saturday 26th of april. Then it is at 9:22pm.


    and i believe not the day after the full moon but the next on the fishishing is apparently excellent for all types or so my calander says inthe maori sections. May i reccomend you who are into shark fishing you watch i think its gone fishing 2morrow at 530 but could be great out doors at 5m tv 3 there is some from what i saw last week land based shark fishing and from what i saw they got a real good sized shark. still inthe process of planning my trip out with geoff thomas (great outdoors) atm so that will b great


    I have zero percent faith in these calendars….

    A well known fishing calendar was currently hosted on two different sites.. both calendars were by the same person and should be identical….. they were not. Might as well go fishing according to the horoscope. Better still study the Tides and aim to fish change of light….

    nah… I am going to read my horoscope.

    “Speak up and let your family know where you stand. Your peaceful energy should disarm them, especially if the issue on the table is contentious. Things can be resolved calmly — and quickly, too! Send this page to a friend.”

    ummmmm….. ok.

    Maybe I would ask the [b:oaxyt8hy]Tarot cards[/b:oaxyt8hy]

    “Would this weekend bring good moki fishing?”

    [b:oaxyt8hy]Ten of Cups (Satiety)[/b:oaxyt8hy].
    [b:oaxyt8hy]Ace of Wands[/b:oaxyt8hy].
    [b:oaxyt8hy] The fool[/b:oaxyt8hy]…
    [b:oaxyt8hy]Temperance, when reversed[/b:oaxyt8hy].
    [b:oaxyt8hy]The Devil[/b:oaxyt8hy]:
    [b:oaxyt8hy]. King of Cups, when reversed[/b:oaxyt8hy]
    [b:oaxyt8hy]Three of swords (sorrow)[/b:oaxyt8hy]:
    [b:oaxyt8hy]Ace of Swords, when reversed[/b:oaxyt8hy]
    [b:oaxyt8hy]Five of Swords (Defeat)[/b:oaxyt8hy]:

    So the tarot cards say:

    I am going to arrive at Kaikouria with a feeling of joy and good fortune, my main obstacle would require a urge of vitality and creativity which would probably be a strange choice of rig but I basically rush the tyeing of it.

    Because of my fear of losing my Daiwa Certate, I would set the drag to low. I would be solely targeting a large moki. During the night I would betray and bring sorrow to the others who I am fishing with. I would hook a good moki, but when I tighten the drag it would lead to disastrous results… and eventual defeat.

    I really should go to bed. But if anyone else has a Q to ask the Tarot cards please tell me and I would ask them. I would only do a 3 card reading because 9 cards take to long.


    what are the odds of me meeting paris hilton tonight. what are the odds of me catching a kingfish in the waimak mouth. why is the earth round?

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