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    Make sure you do Mal, and you’d need to come past me to get up there, Deb will tell you where we bought.
    I’ll be talking to her and Leeanne today I think so will forward a few browny points.
    Otherwise we are all ready to rip some lips!
    HuHu grub flies, Shrimps, and just got some new stuff in from a recent binge on Ebay!
    Just need to make a time and during the week suits best if you can swing it.


    Anyone know if you can get sea run trout in the kaiapoi river?


    I have seen anglers fishing the confluence of the Waimakariri and Kaiapoi Rivers in the late evening for sea-run brown trout. They generally start at McIntoshes about the same time as the salmon anglers pack it in for the night. :grin:


    fished the canals today, stuff all salmon but managed two nice silver rainbows, one at 7lb and the other 4lb, both had flesh red as salmon :grin:

Viewing 4 posts - 586 through 589 (of 589 total)
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