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    If weather is good I will head out to blacks rock and pick up some mussel and crabs off the rocks in sumner on the way.
    A big burley up might produce more than doggies and wrasse.
    See if the butter fish want a free feed hopefully catch one myself anyone interested give me a txt 0277262102.


    So Summer has ended, and we are truly into winter now.

    Here are the fish I caught surfcasting, Starting November 1 and ending may 31.

    Summer Surf fish 08/09 season.
    (Small fish are excluded)

    Red Cod 22
    Rigs 16,
    Kahawai 14
    Sevengill Shark 8
    Tope shark 6
    Ray 5
    Snapper, Trevally and Dogfish 4
    Carpet Shark and Skate 2,
    Wrasse, Gurnard and baracoutta 1

    I spent most of my time targeting Rigs, which explains there second placing over all. They would of gotten first but I caught a dozen or so Red Cod early November giveing them a lead they never gave up. All but a couple of the Kahawai were caught on the west coast on a single trip, several baby ones were also caught but not counted, these figures do not include any I caught on Fly or Spinner.

    The Sevengill Shark and Tope Missions were probably my most productive in terms of fish per trip. I only blanked twice (once during a howling NW so I did not fish for long, and once very late in the season) while targeting them.

    Snapper fishing was hard and slow…. Spent many nights and only landed 4 of them. The Rays, Trevally and Gurnard made things a bit more entertaining.

    Pleased that I managed to keep the number of Dogfish caught low.

    Hope everyone else had a successful summer of surfcasting.


    My fresh water fishing was dismall however I caught more salt water fish over this Summer than previous years, I believe it is due to better knowledge of species and where to find them.
    Thx to threads like fishingmag and fishing news.

    [b:19hb1cnw]Big thumbs up!!![/b:19hb1cnw]

    I went to black rock yesterday a bit missed the high tide, used a burley bomb kina & mussel, lost alot of gear getting snagged by wrasse and what eva else.
    So I looked for a float only thing I found in my kit was a plastic hook remover so in it went hooked a few good size banded wrasse.

    Now I know what to use around the kelp and this area will experiment for butters and moki.


    I remember someone who use to use a floating fly line to target fish like butters and moki while fishing over foul ground. Instead of a fly he might of used a small hook with tiny bit of bait. The floating line prevent snags and might have even allowed more distance then casting a float with a spinner outfit.


    Cant Kayak fishing club meeting 6-7pm Thursday night 4th June at 7 pilgrim Pl Paddlerzone behind Denny’s restaraunt.

    All welcome no cover charge.


    Blanked again down at Marfells, fished for a couple of hours mid afternoon, incoming tide. Used prawn for bait, and a single paddle crab. Tried to catch more crabs but few were around.

    Big swell, gentle but cold wind. Blind river had much smaller swells then salty when I checked…..

    Hopefully would catch a bin of crabs shortly so I can try a few other spots and get away from the pier.

    There was a few bait fisherman on the pier but they only caught doggies when I was there.


    You’re a brave man milli! I’ve been staying inside keeping warm or playing with hot lead in the shed, scored a jig mold so have been playing with that and dreaming of summer.

    Did have a quick fish out at waikawa last week but just had spotties stripping my hooks of bait regardless of how well i tied it on.


    Still a long time until summer….

    It is not that bad outside, just wear warm clothing and try to avoid the Cod and Dogfish.

    Visited the diversion a few days back, there was a cold wind and only 1 person fishing….. Thought it was not worth the effort to wet a line.


    Il cop some flack but im going to say during the winter theres nothing wrong with catching red cod and the odd spiny id rather be catching something than sitting at home waiting for summer to arrive, but then i havent been out since before harvest so im just chomping at the bit to get down to the beach and target the winter species.


    I do not mind catching red cod or doggies, but I hate how they die to often. The flesh is not bad but there is 1000 things I would prefer to eat. I use big hooks to reduce the number caught but it also makes Kahawai more difficult to catch.

    I am going to try and catch Skate, Kahawai, Congers and maybe the odd Rig this winter.

    But would mainly be using my Kayak this winter.


    heck i just like to go fishing and catch whatever is out there but with the weather the way it is in canterbury getting out is getting less and less and when i do get out well it’s just overrun with doggies during winter. Hooking up on something more desirable is pretty pot luck at the moment but i’m not going to catch anything sitting at home.


    I saw 6 red cod all 3-5lb and 1 flounder decent size caught off the pier on Saturday between 4-7pm.

    Flounder caught on prawn so I might target these in the shallows.


    Try drifting a small piece of prawn along the bottom behind your kayak, use small hooks. Had success using this method last winter in the Sounds the one time I tried it.


    This forum is so depressing and lifeless during the winter :(

    Think I might go and catch a few Red cod on 1lb line just for fun.


    Mate turned up yesterday and decided he wanted to go for a fish so we headed out to birdlings. Conditions were decent enough but it was quiet on the fish front with only me landing a tiny doggie and a 2.2kg 68cm red cod which was a pb for me, mate caught only 2 tiny doggies.

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