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    Went and fished near the old wharf at Tennyson inlet last night. Fished from 3:30-10:30pm. High tide was around 9:00pm

    Conditions were overcast, the wind was all over the place but for the most part calm. Caught a Ray on pilchard shortly after arriving (lost a second), which was followed by a KY a short while later. Used Pilchard, Squid and KY for bait.


    Have not been fishing for a while :grin: so decided to take advantage of the evening high tide and calm weather (which was a moderately strong nor-wester :roll: ). Anyway the sea was calm at the grove arm wharf, there was a old guy fishing there who left shortly after I arrive. I fished from 7:30-9:30pm.

    The action was hot, my first rod in the water baited with two pilchard chunks got grabbed by a suspected ray which quickly went, the line eventually broke.

    Got my second rod into the water, and this one quickly caught a good sized mullet, then two nice trevallys which I kept.

    Got my third rod casted out with KY for bait and quickly hooked another ray which took heaps of line but eventually broke off.

    The fishing slowed, but hooked a third ray on my second rod. After a short but intense fight I managed to land and released a small ray… Think I might be slightly under gunned to handle the Rays, they certainly put up a much tougher fight then the surf sharks.

    edit: There was quite a bit of the glow in the dark stuff in the sea tonight, whenever I ‘moved’ the water it was glowing


    Travelled up to Amberley Beach Sunday afternoon. Fished about the north end of the golf course between 2.30pm and 6.30 pm. Got 1 good clean Rig and 2 juvenille grey’s. The swell wasn’t too bad but the “sea lettuce” caused major headaches especially when trying to fight and land the rig in the swell.


    Was talking to a commercial fisherman this afternoon, he told me he caught 3 Kingfish about 4.5 km offshore at Timaru. They are currently on display at Sanfords


    Wonder what they’re doing that far south at the time of the year.


    milwolf wrote
    [quote:3ffq1ti4]The action was hot, my first rod in the water baited with two pilchard chunks got grabbed by a suspected ray which quickly went, the line eventually broke.

    could’ve been a kingy mili, have heard of a few about up the grove at the moment.


    Thats possible, but until I see a kingie flash I am going to assume ray. Plus they stopped and become a dead weight which is characteristic of rays.


    Got two rig at wakanui today.

    If you dont want to eat it put it back.


    To moan the (second to) last night of Summer I decided to fish a new spot near the Saltworks. I arrived at around 7:30pm (and went home at 9:30pm) to a calm sea. The weather was overcast with a gentle breeze from the south. High tide was around 8:30pm

    I fished three rods and used a combination of Paddle Crab, Cooked Prawn and Mullet. The Paddle crab had a bit of attention and I finally landed a nice Rig a short while after dark. The prawns were not touched. Just before I caught the rig I landed a single Red Cod, a few other fish had a go at my mullet but they did not become hooked.

    So not a bad way to spend the last night of Summer :?

    Bring on Autumn fishing 8) :D


    Just got back from the Pier. Fished from about 6 – 9.30. Caught one mullet, one medium sized schoolie, and three big dogfish. Some asian guy seemed to be catching lots of Mullet, but I didn’t seem to have any luck.


    Here is a summary of the number of trips per month I have done, number of fish caught, and number of trips I blanked on.

    Fish numbers do not include Red Cod, Dogfish or other baby fish.

    Trips 4
    Total Fish 0
    Blanks 4

    Trips 7
    Total Fish: 3
    Blanks 5

    Trips 5
    Total Fish 5
    Blanks 3

    [b:2e5a0lbx]December [/b:2e5a0lbx]
    Trips 5
    Total Fish 5
    Blank 2

    Trips: 9
    Total Fish: 5
    Blank 7

    Trips 8
    Total Fish: 12
    Blank: 1

    Trips: 38
    Blank: 22
    Fish Caught: 30

    A few notes
    The three fish caught in October were the only good size Kahawai caught.
    The first Rig did not turn up until November.
    Everywhere is fished well in Febuary.

    [b:2e5a0lbx]Why did I stop catching Kahawai around October?[/b:2e5a0lbx]
    I changed tackle and technquies, during the winter I often fished during the day, I had 4/0 hooks baited with pilchard and other fish. During the warmer months I only used prawn and crab on the smaller hooks. When I fished during the day I used larger hooks with bigger baits… These factors would have resulted in fewer Kahawai being caught.




    Went to Bayleys beach early this morning, caught two rig, also hooked up to something big that was on for at least 20 minutes before it straightened out the 8/0 hook it was on, strangely enough the other hook was straightened too. Might have to bring some of my 10/0 beak hooks next time.


    What brand of hooks were you using?



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