Lake Alexandrina Trout Tagging Video

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    Allan Burgess

    Here is an interesting recent video published on 12 October 2016 from Fish & Game. The video is about 20 volunteers and Fish & Game staff working together to tag trout as part of a six-year research project into the trout population in Lake Alexandrina.
    I was at Lake Alexandrina recently doing a bit of filming. It is an amazing place that most anglers will probably never see. There are many old fishing baches (cribs) at the southern end of the lake that many will find interesting. Lake Alexandrina is a top trout fishing lake near Lake Tekapo. Most of the trout caught in the lake a taken by anglers fishing from rowboats. I’ll post a new video so you can have a look soon.

    Lake Alexandrina Winter Fishing – Mackenzie Country Trout Fishing

    YouTube video
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