Kids fishing locations in Canterbury ????

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    Hi new to the forum , came here looking for answers

    We have two boys 5 and 6 yrs old , too small to walk the big rivers chasing Trout and Salmon ( and lets face it unless they are biting anywhere its no fun for kids )

    The Lyttelton harbour is closed off (?), surfcasting is just inviting birds nests from newbie fishers

    Is there anywhere to take kids who are inexperienced fishing , to a wharf or similar in or near Christchurch ?

    We are looking at getting a 12 ft tinny for some lake fishing with them but …..not sure how sucessful that would be

    Any ideas appreciated – thanks


    Maybe the pier in new Brighton? If you use spinning reels bird nests should not be a problem with surfcasting.

    Have you thought about taking them to the Groynes for a fish?


    Kids fishing day on this Saturday at the Pier would be a good chance to have a fish there. Otherwise anywhere in the Avon or Kaiapoi etc for mullet, trout, eels, salmon


    Thanks guys might try the smaller Canterbury rivers in the city then.
    Have tried the Pier but last time I was there we were setting up and there were Asians ( and no I am not racist ) on all the rails catching fish ( dogfish to me ) and crabs .Kicking the landed fish all round the Pier , no killing of the fish just leaving it to drown out of water .Needless to say the kids did not enjoy seeing Dad telling this mob to get their act together and stop behaving so badly in a public place ( there were tourists with cameras etc all over the pier too – except the end where this lot had taken up residence) so we left and have never been back.

    Be great if there were still wharfs available to fish from for kids – like in Timaru and Dunedin etc . They don’t care what they catch at a young age , they just wanna catch fish .


    Mouth of the Waimac , north side through kaiapoi …..Its signposted as Karaki beach

    FIsh past the rock wall , sea side of …..make sure the river is fishable …… … teNo=66401

    Anything around 100 CM’s or less will be fine …

    Take some good sinkers as the river can drag you around a lot , dont be too worried about the tide ….

    But make sure you set the drags light on the reels , kahawai can hit pretty hard ….

    Lots of mullet to be caught ….long casts not needed……

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