Kayak Fishing out of Okiwi bay.

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    Took my kayak out of OKiwi Bay.

    Had headwinds in both directions.

    Did a combination of jigging, trolling, Soft plastic and a few real bait.

    Caught a Octopus (on whole pillie), a handful of gunards (soft baits) and blue cod also on softbait.

    Was quite a stuggle to get back to the car. Wind was very strong.


    What would the likely hood be of catching Kingis outta Okiwi bay?? Im talking if you had a boat.

    Actually what on a whole whats the Sounds like for kingis?


    If you know the spots, there is a good chance of catching a kingfish.


    Its surprising how many kingis are in the sounds area, they are not often targeted but ask most people who dive in the sounds and they’ll tell you that there is heaps there so well worth targeting.


    Yip ive seen quite a few but never caught one.Seen a few schools pass under our boat out the pelorus ways and once seen a biggy cruisin in the grove arm past the jetty.So they are in there and in good numbers id say.


    Went for a kayak and dive in out of Okiwi bay. Hoping to see a kingfish but I was out of luck.

    Dived around Hippolite point, saw a few schools of KY and other bait fish. Also the odd Moki and Butterfish.

    There was a decent chop heading towards okiwi bay. So no head wind to fight on the way home. Slightly rougher then the forecast predicted. Total trip was around 10km.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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