Kawhai Frenzy at porangahau Beach

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    Hi Guys, first post here as yesterday was my first SURF CASTING session.

    Went surfcasting at 6pm. At 8.30 pm little fish that look a bit like baby swordfish raced in on the beach. Following them were lots of Kawhai wizzing around and jumping out of the water, they even went between my legs.During this event the water was very warm.

    During this i switched my gear (very quickly) with one recurve 4/0 w/ squid. and a hex wobbler a wee way up the line. I hooked one instantly.

    It was great fun. But my QUESTION is… Is this a normal occurance !? :grin: ( it seemed the tide had changed to low tide by 9.30, which was when we departed.)

    Cheers Guys


    Down here Ive only seen it once, although id say its more of a normal occurrence in warmer waters. Late January/early February last year the sea was super clean almost the colour of fresh water and the Kahawai where boiling up in the waves chasing silveries must have been thousands of them with bigger splashes up the back of the shoal possibly kingies but more likely Sharks or barracutta.


    Sounds like they were chasing piper (garfish) but yes in some areas over warmer months its quite common to see things like that

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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