is Corn legal bait??

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    Looking at targeting some flounder at the Opihi lagoon and will be using corn for bait, Anyone know if corn is legal for Trout? as there’s a reasonable chance I could catch a searun trout while fishing for Flounder and wondering if it would need to be released?

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    Participant has info on fishing regulations
    Corn would be classed as bait, which I would suggest is legal in all waters except those marked as fly or spin only waters. I’m sure someone will correct me if this is wrong.


    [quote:smc2xe1x]“bait” means:
    Natural fly.
    Natural insect.
    Natural spider.
    Natural worm or worms.
    Natural crustacean.
    Natural fish (excluding fish ova, or any portion of a fish, or shellfish
    Uncoloured bread dough.

    Does not look like its legal.


    Thanks for the info, Should be legal if I am targeting Flounder but will definitely release any Trout caught.

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