Inflatable dinghys in the sea

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    I have a small 3 person inflatable dinghy designed for lakes, that I was thinking of using in the sea for short periods, initially only going


    Not that safe. Especially if it is a soft hull.

    Keep it to calm sheltered water near the shore and you would be fine. Unless playing in the surf I would not take it into any wave.

    The problem is, if you get into a a decent offshore current you might not be able to paddle fast enough to get back to land. These things often have very inefficient hull designs.


    Hi Booger
    As miliwolf says, not a very good idea – certainly could be problematic or dangerous unless you know the tidal area/current spots very well, as if you are caught by a good current you will struggle to get ashore.
    Some dinghies come with a transom plate which can take up to a 2.5hp engine, but even then I would stay close to shore.
    Best to hire a rigid boat with engine and VHF in case things go wrong.
    Don’t forget the lifejackets – here in Guernsey most boaters would not venture out without them.
    I certainly wouldn’t take my fisher/cruiser out without setting an example myself and making sure everyone has theirs on.
    A lake is a very different scenario to the sea – be careful.


    Just seen the time date on Boogers submission – guess I’m a bit late there guys! :grin:
    Hope it all worked out for Booger without incident!!


    Hi SpongeBob

    I decided it wouldn’t be wise to use it in the sea at all.

    Thanks for the reply

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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