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    Hi went out to the hole today out past the heads for about 24 mile and caught blue cod and dog fish(arses) but also got alot of this red fish, was just wanting to no what it is and can it be eating

    strange i cant upload picture

    states this Could not upload attachment to ./files/2858_9ecbb910ad3ec707443e09774f18f1d0.

    the fish has big eyes spicky fins and gills,red and white, were catching them from 300 to 500 feet.


    probably too big a file. set up a photoshack account and post the link.

    Participant … 9_full.jpg
    try this link fish orangeish more then red
    cheers Dave


    sea perch, depths sounds about right.

    They’re good eats :-)


    thats great ta..
    A mate of mine i sent the photo to said they sometimes call them soldier fish as well, wonder why..
    It would be neat to have a page on this site with photos of all the fish spieces that people catch, as that would be very helpful..
    cheers dave

    Fishy Bishy

    Sea Perch, Jock Stewarts, JockStraps, SoldierFish or Scarpies as they are referred to in the north, nevermind the names for them, are excellent eating.

    Easy to handle by holding the bottom jaw, no teeth.

    Just watch those spikes when filleting.
    Also, MOST important, these should not be confused with the Pink and White banded species of similar appearance as they are poisonous and [b:39lq0c35]will hurt you [/b:39lq0c35]if you cop a spike!

    The flesh is similar texture to Blue Cod, yet not quite as white when cooked.
    Cooked straight onto a BBQ hotplate with some oil and garlic…just delishimo!

    Heaps of them off Motunau and Kaikoura, hell I’d be happy with a binful for the freezer. Noice!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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