how to catch salmon

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    how do you catch them



    In the mouth.



    and by getting out there and doing it



    since no one else helped you out hiwamk and only gave you stupid answers… may i suggest you go and get yourself a copy of Ross Millichamp’s book Salmon Fever… its a great read and one that learner and experienced fishermen should have a read of



    If you check out hiwanks other posts you’ll see that stupid answers were quite appropriate.
    Perhaps he is a friend of whitebaitho.



    Freshwater salmon fishing can be done from the shore or a boat, and many of the methods can be used either way. Boat fishing affords anglers some opportunities not available to shore anglers. I think you will be able to find a lot more information if you search.

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    Silver zed spinnner or spoon with a dash of red. Done!



    Hi… does anyone have a copy of “Ross Millichamp’s book Salmon Fever” I can buy.. Cant find a copy anywhere. Cheers



    Hi midget. My mates advised me to read that book as well, full of info. I managed to borrow it in the library here in Ashburton but a lot of anglers waiting on that book. I found one on trademe last year but already bought by somebody. Keep an eye on trademe. Can’t find it from few book store I called maybe because it is an old book. Good luck.



    Hi guys, does anyone have some tips of how to fish for salmon at macintoshes rocks? I cant get my 22g zed/spoon lure down deep its only half a meter under the water. Also should I be casting up stream or down or in the middle?



    saw a vid on youtube of someone catching one on what looked like a red 42 or 55 gram ticer.



    22g or 28g zeddie will do the trick. Cast up river on a 45 deg angle and vary the sink time on each retrieve. The fish aren’t always on the bottom at Mackies. Depending on the tide and river flow you might need to adjust your casting angle to suit the current.



    Ive been using large softbaits and 1/4 oz jigheads for the last two seasons and they work well especially at night with a lumo bead.
    I got the idea after i started softbaiting the canals. Just increased the size of my jighook/heads and used a 5-6″ softbait.
    Last year i took 16 salmon from the hole under the rangitata bridge
    Other anglers were spinning with spoons and zeddies not having any luck except first thing in the morning and just before dark.
    I was managing to catch them during the day too
    I use a trout reel tica stacked with 250m of 10lb braid and a 20lb leader. (not flurocarbon) i have caught salmon with jigheads tied directly to the braid so lm sure if you pissthem off enough youl gettem.
    Upstream cast hit the bottom and jig half wind jig etc.
    If you no theres fish there and you cant get them dont try and try and try give the water or hole a break for half an hour.
    When water is clear use dark colors
    When water is dirty shiny bright colors.
    Pressure on keep it on and have fun doing it :)



    Hey guys, 1st proper season chasing the salmon so yet to get one. Got good advice to buy Salmon fever by the guy from ballingers hunting and fishing in riccarton, got a copy and just reading it now, hard book to get a hold of. With the weather the way it is, when do you think mackintoshes will be fishable?



    When the river flow gets down below about 80 cum is usually the best, and tide half in and half out.

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