How to catch Mullet?

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    Hi all,

    Been fishing at my local river recently and have seen huge numbers of schools of mullet like 50 in a school pretty big too. I have tried alot to catch these like

    – Squid

    – Pilchards

    – Mullet

    – Soft bait

    – Lures

    – Bait catcher / small flys

    and no response for them they just swim straight past it

    What am i doing wrong?

    Purchased a 4 ft cast net so that should work


    Very small hooks with bits bread seems to work best for me. Good fun catching them on rod and reel as the bigger ones can actually fight quite hard.


    Read them a lullabye and when they nod off cast ur 4m casting net


    I head to the nearest bridge and dangle a burley cage off it ….several pillies mashed into 1/3 a loaf of bread …
    Jiggle the cage until the mullet arrive – then jiggle it as time permits between catches …
    Bower bridge is my favorite , maybe the slight water discolouration helps
    Bare hooks , smallish and silver seem to work best ……jig the hooks like you are using a flasher rig .

    You will fill half a bucket in 30mins ..


    get some brand wheat germ, about 2 cup of it and stir it with water in a vessel until its becomes a thick paste, then mix it into water again, this will have temp the mullets, then take a very small hook with bread squeezed onto it under a little float, once around throw plenty of wheat germ out to keep fish in the area…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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