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    Was wondering, when surfcasting how many rods do you normally cast out?

    When the fishing is slow I normally fish with atleast two rods. I sometime get out a third but would often fish a spinner or softbait on it. After dark I normally only fish the single rod to help keep things simple.

    My father when he goes fishing normally uses three rods at once.

    The advantages are fairly obvious, more bait in the water and at varying distances.

    The main disadvantages I can see is what to do when both rods have fighting fish on… Never had to deal with this problem but have had fish strike both rods at the same time before.

    Getting tangled in the other line is also a problem.


    If fishing with a mate I usually use 2 or 3 and tend to cast


    FFS :evil:


    Two rods, if you cant keep bizy with two rods your fishing the wrong spot :lol: :lol: a third bait casting rod can also be productive. :wink:


    I agree,two rods is ideal.
    I guess it depends where you are fishing and what for but this time of year when its nothing but red cod and doggys around here then I dont even pack two rods.


    depends on where im fishing and what for when bait fishing ill use two or 3 rods when surf casting usually 2 rods and if the fishing seems to pick up ill sometimes just use one. i very rarely use 3 rods when off a beach.if fishing off a wharf such as kaikourea ill use 2 rods on for something bigger and the other for smaller fish just to fill in time eg mullet spotties etc, but fairly often will also get the good fish on my smaller set up as well eg moki


    When im fishing I’m fishing off a wharf is tend to do what “The fiery ginga” does i use one rod for whatever ‘im targeting [ probably salmon coz in Dunedin the only thing you catch off the wharf is Salmon, blue cod and spotties, and on ocasion Octopus; believe me the guy who cught one didnt look happy :evil: ….lol]
    And a small rod where i jig for mullet with small hooks about five on each jig setup and they imitate shrimp or somthing; quite prductive, but gotta be there on incoming tide.

    Jigs for mullet are availible anywhere like Rebel Sport, pretty simple really it says “Mullet Jig” on the front of the packet costs about $5


    Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve been Surfcasting. looking forward to getting back into it with a vengeance this year!! But when I used to chase the moki I’d always take 3 rods. One heavy, one medium and one light. Cast one out and rig up the second. Cast that out and then if nothing was happening I’d rig up a light 8 foot set up with 4kg for just behind the first breaker. Most days I’d only get two rods going but some days when it was calmer and quieter I’d get the light set into the first wave. One day I got 2 Moki on the light set and nothing on the bigger ones! If there were plenty of doggies or Wrasse around some days i’d never get more than one rod out. Guess it just gives you something to do when it’s quiet and you can vary the distances to see where the fish are. Also good fun biffing lures around on the light set for kahawai etc.

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