How far can you cast?

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    And how much would you say is necessary to enjoy most fishing situations? I heard a guy saying he could cast 100m+ when situation required him to do so… Do you reckon he achieved that by training or the rod he uses is a major factor?




    I have caught fish any where from 5 mtrs to 100+ mtrs out …The old story of “fish you feet first ” works in many situations .However being able to place a bait a long way out is just another weapon to use when hunting fish .
    A good rod helps but you have to be able to load it up and release it to get the best out of it.
    Training is the only way anyone can get big distances .You could go out and by the exact same golf clubs as Tiger but you wouldnt be able to hit a ball like him.
    Spending some time practicing in a park with a weighted tennis ball or a hockey ball is well worth it as you can wind the ball back to you and see just how far/high it goes.

    My best cast 238 mtrs with a 6oz and did 220 with a 3 yesterday


    Using google maps distance guide as a basis cos i have no other way yet of measuring over in porrit park and i can use the cricket pitches in the image as a rough guide as i was casting from the start of one and going just past the boundary line of the 2nd one which is barely visible my best so far would be 150ish with a 4oz not bad i suppose for a beginner “distance” caster with an OTG cast and no specialist distance gear.


    I never cast more then 50m while fishing.. If I want to fish further out I would use my Kayak.


    When fishing the shallow beaches here is Cantabury , I can assure you distance can be everything …..especially during the day …..
    Even on some deeper beaches if the sea if rough , with lots of crap in the water , if you cant get your line above the breaking wave you may as well pack up and go home …..
    That said , at times fishing your feet is very rewarding , but without having distance as an option your are handicapping yourself a heap …..

    The kids and I have won thousands of dollars worth of prizes at fishing comps , and have quite a trophy cabinet….a few we won in the wash , but most were taken way way out …Good thing I can cast for them lol ……..

    I’m not confident loading a rod to cast with a freespool ….I can understand how a freespool could way way outcast an eggbeater , but the mess of an overrun would be horrendous when chasing 200mtrs plus …..and in the dark ? nah !!!!!

    In still conditions , with a single bait 130-140 mtrs would be about my limit ….
    2 baits and tailwind , similar distances I guess …….maybe a little more …..

    Upper body strength helps , and timing / technique ….. but the gear you use makes a huge difference ….
    I would almost bet money that I could make a few tweaks to your gear and increase your distance by 50% …..using an eggbeater reel

    The first tweak involves moving eyes on your rod…..the other 2 are simple , and will give you total confidence to load into your cast 100% without risking a snapoff …..
    If anyone is interested , just ask and I’ll type it out lol ……


    When I think about it, the only time I do distance casts is when fishing in NW nelson. The beaches are basically flat there and requires a extremely long distance to get the bait into reasonably deep water. It basically required wading out 50m, then doing a full powered cast to get the bait into the swells.

    Might head down to one of the paddocks one evening to see how far I can easily cast with the surf rods. Only ever measured my trout rods previously because distance can be everything when fishing wide rivers.

    Update. Went out to do a few casts… Decided to use my Kilwell GGX and a emcast sport reel with 20lb line and a 5oz sinker.

    First cast just a overhead thump went about 85m, Second cast I stuffed up a OTG cast and it flew off to the side into a vineyard… It went 102m down the vineyard headland, but was unable to measure the diagonal flight distance. So might have been around 110m. Lost the sinker retrieving it through the grapes so did not try my other rods. :roll: Every-time I go out to measure casting distance I end up losing my weight :| Might head up to the Onamalutu domain one calm evening and have a proper measure.


    That reminds me of the time I was pratising in the park , standing in the corner , behind the dead bal line , casting over the rugby posts at the other end …..
    1 cast , went a little further ……over the posts , over the dead ball line , another 50 yards to the road , over the road , over the house over the road …..and who knows how far further …….
    It was my last cast that night away !!! lol……and the reason I applied tweak #3 to my rod ….when you give it the shit ….all sorta of momentum is created in all sorts of areas ….one is the bailarm …..when that flicks over during a full cast it gets ugly …..especially when the drag is cranked to full to stop line slipping during loading ….
    Makes an awesome noise tho ….lol

    I taped a short stretchy cord to my rod butt , and hook it over the bailarm when Im casting …..


    normally 100 – 150 metres is my fishing limit using 20lb mono, 0.50 diameter mono shock leader, 5 oz gemini lead and clip down rig (1 or 2 baits). I have a solaris/axeon combo and a powerplay/sceptre combo. Distance can make a considerable difference depending on the terrain. Accuracy is the key with shorter cast towards reefs etc.
    I have one of the axeon spools spooled with 200 meters of 40lb braid you can cast for miles with that as its bloody thin and you don’t need the shock leader. Its crap over foul though so only really use it over sand or pulling heavy lures. not particularly sporting either but great for getting a feed of kahawai a long way out.


    Got no idea how far I can cast, would have to do it somewhere with markers for distance to get some idea. I prefer using heavier sinkers depending on what rod I’m using as it makes the rod load easier since I weigh like 50kg and have pretty much no muscle but still cast far enough to catch fish. Better rods definitely make a difference.


    LMFAO! Am glad to see Im not the only one casting rods at the parks. Warren park in Hornby used to be my testing ground. Would regularly get the strangest looks from people too!
    14ft/slosh combo-4oz consistantly 120-140m with a basic overhead slog, so not even loading the rod properly.I never saw the point in learning more sophisticated casts.In saying that having a heave at the park is much easier than on our steeply shelving east coast beaches where a longer rod can sometimes be a pain in the proverbial. I can hit 90-100m+ all day with a 60g ticer when salmon surf fishing :grin:


    For the distance nutters out there .
    There is a casting comp coming up on the 27th of feb next year at rotorua racecourse.
    Its a full distance only comp ____ NO acuraccy casting

    You have to cast three weights out of the four available weights 3 4 5 and 6oz the choice of which three ( or all of them ) is up to the caster .
    Only the best three casts will be recorded .

    The different weights have different line classes .
    3 oz uses .25 line and a .65 dia leader or braid.
    4oz = .28 line & .65 or braid
    5oz = .30 line & .75 “”
    6oz = .35 line & .75 “”

    Those are minimum classes you can cast ALL of the weights on the .35 line or 3 4 and 5 on .30 line obviously there’s a benefit to using lighter lines with the lighter leads.
    Pm me if you want any more info.The nzaca should have the info out to the clubs soon


    thats funny eh holding a long casting comp in rotorua. like hold ice fishing comp in the tropics. (I know theres no fishing involved but you know)


    Yeah I know but it was a case of most of the casters are either bay of plenty auckland or wellington so it was sort of a central point AND I can get access to the racecourse .
    We need a lot of room not only are we hitting 200+ with the leads attached but when we get a snap off they can go 300mtrs


    200+? holy smokes ……..ya dont wanna advertise the comp down our ways …..

    Talking to a guy running a sports store down here a few months ago , he was saying his mates are regularly chucking 680+ without effort ……..

    You north islanders would stand NO chance lmao


    200+ meters
    My best so far is 238 meters = 780 feet

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