How do you make a good batter?

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    I’ve just about given up on trying to make a decent batter. It sticks to the pan more than the fish, even if I coat the outside with flour (maybe I need a new pan?). If I put too much flour in it, the batter takes too long to cook. Using just egg plus salt/pepper/garlic/etc works ok, but it cooks a bit quickly and ends up a bit like a fish omelette. Any suggestions?


    Just dry fish dipped in egg then dusted in flour works for me.


    Your pan may not be a non-stick pan, but if it is it might be old and have lots of scratches on it.


    use a deepish fry pan put a cup or 3 of cooking oil in it get it really hot and then fry ya fish in that.


    The fiery ginga


    thats why u buuy one of the bog bottles the litre ones or whatever 2 litre i cant remember but i usually just dip my fish in egg hen in flour or breakcrumbs and fry in butter


    Hi Guys,
    What I’ve found to be best with any fish frying I’ve ever done, is this:

    Make sure your fillets are relatively dry (patting with a paper towel lightly helps, but don’t over-do it)
    then coat in flour in one dish, take it out of there and into an egg-wash and then back into the flour.

    Also bear in mind that you can make your own seasoned flour, there are a LOT of seasonings available on the market these days for fish alone, just add these to your flour while battering

    I wouldn’t personally use anything too strong with fish, as you still want to be able to taste the actual flavour of your catch.

    Adding beer to a batter can add an interesting taste and texture as well, like anything, just don’t over-do it.

    Another thing about frying fish is that you have to keep the heat rather low and controlled, regardless of the type of pan and especially if you like to use butter to fry with (I do) :P , butter has a very low smoke point and will ruin anything that is cooking in it.

    When you put your fish in the pan, bear in mind, you are not trying to sear a steak, fish cooks very quickly at high temperatures and will end up with the texture of a Red Band boot, that is IF you can lance it off the bottom of the pan.


    Hey, there is only one way to make a good batter.

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    I believe the fish and chip shops DO NOT use egg in their batter


    fish and chip shops just use flour, baking powder, water

    sift flour and a t-spoon of baking powder, add water while whisking

    beer batter use beer instead of water.


    best one there is.

    CORN FLOUR, eggs, milk and salt and pepper


    ive been making beer batter quite a bit lately. i use egg White bout a 3rd cup corn flour 3/4 cup flour and then slowly add ur fav beer to the mix to turn it to a mix similar to pancake mix. then dry ur fillets lightl coat in flour then into th batter. then straight into a deep fryer or a large pot half fillet with oil thats extremely hot so that the batter stays on fillets and not stick to pan.. then u wont have to bottom bounce the pot to get it clean


    lol bottom bounce the pot to get it clean



    use the beer batter recipe but instead of beer use coke, gives a nice lite sweet taste,
    1/2 cup flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt and around a 1/4 cup coke
    mix into a smooth batter, add more coke if needed, dip fish in and coat and then deep fry


    Yeah I use coke in my batter too Duckman, Normally mix it 50/50 with Sodawater.

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