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    I went up the pelorus river, checked a few ponds. Saw a few fish including a very nice one which I spooked. Not many fish but they are quite easy to spot and of decent size.

    Had a look in the Wakamarina on the way home. Did not see any fish but there is plenty of water. I know there would be fish there. Have not decided where to go on opening day.


    Hi guys


    Found a source of bulk Owner hooks. Still expenisve, but less expensive.


    Owner SSW Cutting Point Hook bulk packs for $29.90
    4/0 34pkt
    5/0 32pkt
    6/0 23pkt
    7/0 19pkt
    8/0 17pkt

    Owner SSW Circle Hook $34.90
    4/0 37pkt
    5/0 37pkt
    6/0 32pkt


    Never by hooks from kmart! :evil:
    I brought hooks from there [ 100 pack of circle hooks $7] and some of the barbs bent in the pack, were ent from jummbling in the packet on the way home!

    I haven’t actualy tried them yet [as I’ve been avoiding them] I’ll only use them when they are the last hooks left or maybe I will try hem just to see how they go
    I definately doubt they will hold up to a big fish.

    Black magic hooks; tough as nails [ in fact tougher] wont bend or break on a big fish and will definately last longer, than other brands.

    Owner hooks are probably better, though more expensive from what I’ve seen.


    I do not buy Black Magic tackle, they are just a brand and I doubt they manufacture their own hooks.

    I like the following Owner, Mustard demons, Gamakatsu and VMC. Price does not concern me when buying tackle, because after spending $30 on petrol to get to the fishing spot I want to use the best gear to maximise my chances and spending 60 cents extra on hooks is a small investment.


    Black magic is a brand I favour.Mainly because their pre tied flasher rigs and other rigs along with there big range of supple and tuff traces..the list goes on,is all quality stuff no matter where it is manufactured.
    At the end of the day though hooks are hooks and they are all different but when buying I look at design and thickness of the shank and if possible check that they are “sticky” sharp,rather than looking for brand names I mean after a few beatings in the surf all hooks go blunt,bent and rusty with age.Alot of hooks I have bought have come out of bulk boxes so theres no knowing who made them.
    Now question ; Has anybody bought those long cast pulley rigs that use that impact bait release sheild? I got a couple and put 1 together but when hooked up it seems fairly tight and I was wondering wether the sheild release would let go of the hook everytime without fail?? Any experience with these?? I got them from hunting & fishing I think the brand is HOOK.


    I brought a Gary’s Extreme Distance Rig once, it had a impace shield which released everytime. Worked very well.

    So I purchased a box of impact shields (and Imps) from tackletatics but found them fiddly to install. Now I use the Genie Bent Rig Clips. They are simple to install and work 90% of the time.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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