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    Im planning on making a smoker out of a large biscuit tin this weekend, any suggestions or improvements i could make on it?

    All i was planning to do was attach a hand to the lid of the tin [make it easy tp lift when hot]

    Drill a couple of decent sized holes in the side of the tin, but a rim on the bottom of the tin [to put the meth trays underneath]

    And put a mesh/wire tray inside the tin, [hehe then check out the sizes of meth trays at the shop and copy the size an make my own.

    Line the tin with tin foil and….. hey presto! [whatever that means] we have a hot smoker!

    Will probably handle handle a couple of 6-7lb trout/salmon fillets [thats a 6-7lb trout thats been filleted not 6-7lbs of fillets!]


    If you have a hooded bbq then heat the hot plates as if you were cooking a steak and then sprinkle wood chips rack over top and away you go.

    or dig a hole fill with wood let it burn down make sure you have some river rocks or railway iron better to hold heat then use a tray wood chips rack over top cover with wet sack.


    Just handy to have really no mess afterwards and it’s easily portable, plus no prep time, just put heat source underneath,woodchips in the smoker and the fish goes on the rack.


    In the end I couldn’t find a tin big enough so just got a smoker from the warehouse for $50
    Works fine, smoked 2 rainbows in it turned out great :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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