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    Was in NZ during February and my dad recommened this chap as being a good skipper….


    He wasn’t wrong.

    Rick looks after you from the first minute to the last. He takes the safety briefing seriously, but with a bit of humour, understands the local waters perfectly and has a very good eye for seeing which anglers need more attention and which ones just need a supply of bait.

    I had two trips with Rick and on both occasions he looked after me, safely, professionally and best of all, left me alone as soon as (or am I being big-headed Rick?!) he realised that I could handle an overhead reel!

    If you want a boat trip, I doubt if you’ll find a better boat and skipper. This from someone who has fished Cuba, the English Channel and the Maldives. – Yes, this chap is as good as the rest of the world can offer.

    Looking forward to fishing with him again.

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