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    just wanted to post saying that I found this site recently and have really enjoyed going through the forums reading alot of topics which will help me in my fishing. Im in the christchurch area and have been out for a few trips to birdlings flat and black rock,used to go to the pier a couple years back for a bit,want to try out a few areas Ive read about (mostly amberley beach or south of birdlings), Could anyone give me some tips on how to cast far? Im reading some of you people casting well over 200m and although I don’t have a meter for reading I would imagine Im below 100m whilst using a 5oz sinker with 12 foot kilwell surfcaster rod.

    Also,where would I go to get my rod repaired,I seem to have broken the end of the rod and Ive been told I can get new ends put on it.

    ” It was landed on 25lb mono, a 100kg mono trace”. Could someone explain what this means? does it mean you have 25lb fishing line but then at the end (where the hooks/sinker go) you then have 100kg line?

    Good site and look forward to posting more,




    With bait and sinker on the line the so called 200 metres is a bit far fetched. To get an idea of how far your casts are going cast out a good cast then mark it with a pen and then walk it down the beach and see just how far your really cating you maybe surprised just how far your going as distances from land out to sea can be disceiving.


    If you’re looking at getting into more surfcasting I’d invest in a decent 13 or 14 foot rod. 25 or 30lb mainline is a good start. Usually I have a snap swivel clip on the end of my mainline that I can connect pre made traces to meaning I can change them depending on what I’m fishing for. Traces should be made up with at least 50lb mono but I prefer something like 80 or 100lb just to make them last a bit longer and stand up to abrasion.

    Here’s a topic that shows an example of a trace


    cool cheers zac, yea ive got 50lb mono which i use already for my trace. I have been looking at upgrading my rod to something decent so may look at getting a 14-16 foot rod. my kilwell 12ft is ok but I feel It’s not the best either.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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