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    Hi You Fella’s over the Hill and up at Blenheim

    Seems to me this forum is really starting to take off. (At Last) A big thanks to all the contributors over the last few years. Who kept it going. I did join at one stage, but hell can’t remember my user name or password. So have rejoined.


    Birdlings you have certainly infused some vitamins into the place. Mili was a one man band for a real long time and the few other posters. Now the place is rocking.

    I’m in Westport. But have been out to Birtdlings for a look see, liked what saw. Just didn’t have the gear with me. See you did a trip up to Gentle Annie, Birdlings a while back, but no report. Saw the post about the Mokihinui Competition and the floods. Sea now down to flat and clear again. Have a mate Ron Prestage, deputy Editor from the Fishing Paper up there. Usually get updates from him. But nothing the last few days. He must be hard at it, making up for lost time.

    Bloody good gesture Birdlings donating that ” Old Master” had a look at your home site. Got a bit of talent there ya old buggar havent you. I hope to maKe the meet up on fishy day at Birdlings, have a campervan, so is there room in your yard Birdy. Mili I get to Blenheim quite often, and man I really like that eastern coast line. Would love to meet up with you for a fish.

    And anybody venturing to the West Coast, around the Buller. Give me a yell, I’ll do my best to put you onto good water and all our well kept secret possies. Mind you we are struggling to find them ourselves at the moment. With our shallow beaches, the holes and guts come and go.

    Heading up to Papamoa( Nth Island down from Mount Manganui a tad) so you flat landers know where it is. in March to the World Kahawai Fishing Competition. $10,000 bucks for the biggest Kahawai. Its a Kahawai only competition. So I might have a chance.

    I tie my own flashers and salt water flys. So will bring some over to chuck in the pot, if I make it to Birdlings Comp. Hey Birdlings, I got School Cert in art, does that make me a painter, hell no. Bure I sure let the mind flow when I create, my art teacher did say, Trevor, you sure do love colour and abstracts. Anybody bringing any musical instruments. I play the Irish Drum(Bodahram) made my own outa deer skin.

    Okay thats enough for now from me. Great to see this forum alive and well, and growing.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy


    gidday mate..yup there is a report about genle annie in the threads somewhere..anyway we had a wow of a time with good fish{kahawai} everywhere..yup theres a spare place here for ya camper..and I failed art at school..aparently thats a pre-requiste..My origins are (family way back)the west coast-Fiordland Martins bay-si I love the coast -mate of mine whos a fly tie man and artist in Temuka was born near you in Denniston…jeeeez papamoa thats full of dorklanders!!good luck..I spent my first 7 years of my life at waihi beach just down the road..and most of my life chasing the reds and yellows around the north..heres a piccy of one of YOUR fish from above westport(G/Annie)!Yup Milli does a good job..Zac and Fish4pot seem to keep me in line…be good to catch up soon..aint had my hand slapped too hard yet! :grin:


    hi hardy welcome back yes we know ron prestage well from the mokihinui comp a real true fisherman.. i love the buller area i go up to karamea most years for the whitebait season few a 2 week trip.. my dad came for denniston he was born there 1920.. we left the mokihinui comp early this year cause of the conditions all was next year


    Ron is leading the Comp as of 3pm yesterday with a 4 kg Rig. Only snapper caught was on a kon tiki so far.

    Ron reckons it is hard fishing. The weed hit yesterday. Called in to see me with a water logged Cell Phone, I cleaned his Sim card and yep working again.
    First time I have been in a Samsung, had to dowload the manual to work out where every thing was. Age didn;t help, most of you youngies on here would have had is sussed in a tick. Took me half an hour. Damm I’m ancient.

    Cheers Hardy

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