Fish Caught in the Canals

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    Allan Burgess

    Good to hear from you. Someone I know was down at the canals for a day trip, a couple of days back. They didn’t get a fish but did see some big rainbows breaking the surface. They also saw a huge brown swimming along the edge down by the bridge past the salmon farm on the Tekapo Canal.
    Except for one occasion, I have always fished the canals over winter. The summer I was there heaps of 4lb salmon had recently escaped from the farm on Ohau A. They were everywhere. They had bright orange flesh and were great eating. You can see a couple of them in the picture though only one seems to have a damaged tail. They were all the same size. I guess they must try to prevent the escapes. Hard to make a dollar when your stock keeps escaping.

    Everyone tells me the fishing is harder at this time of the year and doesn’t improve significantly until April. The fish are still there over summer they are just more spread out and harder to catch.

    It is interesting the salmon are starting to go into spawning mode. Maybe salmon in the canals behave a bit differently to sea-run salmon?

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