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    Still here .Leave for the mainland tomorrow.

    Zac has the poseidon now.
    Contoura hmmmm 20 is too small( despite the blurb saying it will hold more line then a magnetix ) and the 30 is too big and both are noisy.
    I have played with a magnetix as well which is the other version of the contoura as well… same problems.
    They do cast well and are seemingly well built but of the ones I have seen they both screamed during the cast I got the contoura a lot quieter with a a bit of fiddling with oils and bearing fit but still annoying .Sold it after a mth

    Buy a daiwa sl30h or a penn 535 both of those can be gotten for only a bit more and imho are better reels.

    Rods are another whole problem.Kilwell will do freespool rods if asked .Cd dont unless you get a blank and get it made.CTS only sell blanks so you have to get them built as well.

    Theres a century CME on trade me at the mo Colin the owner has a pair and will sell the two you wont get anything better in NZ for that price .
    I have cast those rods and they are a sweet bit of kit .If I had the coin I would buy them ………..


    Thanks, I already own 2 Daiwas SL20/30SH. The 20 is used for Salmon surf angling, the 30 normal surfcasting used in conjunction with a prokat with adjustable reel seat, not ideal but does the trick. If you are not familiar with the way in which we fish for salmon in the surf down here, try to get to the rivermouth of one of Canterburys main rivers whilst youre in the South Is if time allows, great fun, its like a who can cast the longest tournament all day with overhead reels for miles! lol.
    As for the Century, a very nice rod but the current budget wont quite stretch that far at the mo, figured it was out of my price range as soon as I heard the brand name.
    As always though your input is much appreciated.


    Have you had a look at the 525 mags?
    Dearer then the daiwas but they will cast a long way in the right hands.

    Sell a liver if you have to can to get that cme :lol:


    Oh yeah, the 525 is a great reel, have seen many of them in action, about $230 NZD delivered so its definately another option. In the shops here they have the “standard” version, but I note that overseas there are a few different spec models. In your opinion, what would be the best option for flinging 55-85gm ticers for extended periods for maximum distance?
    Back to the contoura though, Im not to worried about the noise a reel makes as long as it will cast alright. I have a old calcutta 400 thats seen better days for upriver fishing & its noisy as hell!


    Standard 525 mag slidys do the job.
    the mag extra and supermags are just tweaked with either better bearings or a knobby mag which make sod all difference in a fishing situation.The knobby mags get in the way as they stick out of the side and jab you in the forearm.With the slidys I place a bit of tape over the actual slide to stop it getting knocked between casts.

    The contoura I had just screamed !!!! the thing is the screaming is vibration and vibration is not only bad for the bearings but will be robbing you distance wise

    For flinging ticers a long long way.A abu 6500 ct Or 5500 ct .Make sure its got a carbontex drag and let it fly.If your using line thats @.28mm or less a 5500 will be super sweet. If you want to use say .35 dia line a 6500 is the tool for the job.
    Have a look at the 6500 and 5500 mag elite here

    The abus are the best distance reels bar NONE .However they are not that flash as a general purpose surfcasting reel imho


    Very familiar with abus as well, although not the Ct’s. I would say that 3 out of 5 reels on any of the local rivers would be an abu variant, most the standard 6500C3. The 6500’s are generally not favoured in the surf due to a lack of line capacity, what are your thoughts on the Abu Garcia 7000IC3 CT Mag HS?


    Loose the levelwinds and the abus just fly.

    I have an older 7000 and its nice but mine has a fairly slow retrive so it stays on the shelf most of the time as I like to get the leads up and moving as fast as poss around here because if you dont ……….snagged.
    Havent had a chanced to try one of the newer ones but there’s a fairly comprehensive review here … light=7000 if you read in a few pages theres a lot of pics of how they work.

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