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    Hey guys I wasjust wondering what i need for fly fishing? I have a 9ft rod and it has backing and floating line(if thats what its called). I heard i need leading line and a tippet? I am in too deep at the moment and would love for someone to shed some light on the situation. Any advice will do wonders!



    There is a lot of different tackle involved in fly fishing.

    The basic equipment includes
    fly rod. 9ft is a good length, floating fly line and a suitable reel

    Then you need a leader, probably ending in about 8lb. To that you would tie a tippit which could be fluro or mono. This area is quite complicated but I suggest buying same 4X mono to start with, it should have a breaking strain of around 5.8lb.

    Then you would need a selection of flies….

    What rod do you own?


    My rod is a Daiwa Carbon Pro-caster GT-476. The reel I have is a Ryobi 355. I was given this by a generous work mate whom purchased yonks ago and doesnt use and hasnt for about ten years. The flies are pretty easy to find info about waht to use and when. eg finding bugs in river i am fishing on and finding the closest resemblence on a fly. The hardest thing is finding what sort of leader-tippet combos there are and what types for what kind of fl fishing ie floatng sinking nymphing. I dont know if the rod i have is very good but looking at it certainly looks the part. When the work mate offered it I had a wooden stick with wire loops on it in mind lol. Do you know if it is very good?


    For starts I suggest purchasing a 9ft Tapered Nylon Leaders ending in around 8lb. Looped ends are helpful.

    MikeFish on trademe sells Double X brand leaders for $4 each which is good value. I have used them and they are fine. If you buy from him buy them in 3X size.

    Next is the tippit material. During early season when the water levels are high and the fish are greedy and confident I fish with 3X tippit which is around 7.2lb, when the water level drops and the fish become wary I would use 4X, 5X and maybe even 6X…. Often the smaller the fly you choice to use the smaller the leader. To fish a small dry fly probably would require a 5X or 6X tippit. I would personally use Nylon.

    At this time of year to the end of the 9ft leader I would tie 1-2ft of 3X tippit, then to that 1-2ft of 5X tippit.

    When you get more experienced you could consider changing to Flourocarbon leaders and tippits. They are more expensive, sink slightly faster and maybe less visibile for fish. I have not noticed a difference.

    There is also PolyLeaders but they are for more specialised presentations. It is possible to use a 5ft floating Polyleader insterad of a 9ft tapered leader….


    I am lost competely with that last lol. I understand about having a tippet to the end of the leader, what is all this 3x 4x 5x? is that the thickness of the line? when you say you would use nylon, is there diferent materials for tippets? also with the tippet I am going to be doing nymphing, what tippet would i be looking for? and does the leader change also for when i change fishing styles? ie nymphing/wet flies/dry fly?

    Thanx heaps for helping milly, Its great to know there is always soeone here to help out:)



    The X system is for diameter.

    0x= 0.26mm
    1X = 0.23mm
    3x= 0.203mm
    5x= 0.148mm

    For fly fishing diameter is more important then breaking strain and it is just easier to say 3X then 0.203mm or 0.008″.

    There is three kinds of tippit material Nylon, Co Polymer and Flourocarbon. There is not much of a difference between the different types.

    A comprehensive answer is there. (Although Fluorocarbons has poor knot strength) … ippets.htm

    Generally, a co-polymer/nylon would be better dry fly fishing and Flourocarbon would be better for nypthing. But the difference is subtle. For starter purchase a decent quality Co-polymer. Co-polymer cost around $7 a spool while flouro is around $21. Rio is a good brand and is easily found. I beleive Umpqua and Cortland sell the same product as Rio but with a different brand. Airflo has slightly lower breaking strain then the others.

    Go into Mikefishing or the fishermanloft and I certain you would get good advice. All of the chch fishing stores are good.

    Maxima Ultragreen Line is also popular, that is just a typical fishing line. I prefer the more specialised lines.

    At this time of year for general Nymphing I would probably start fishing with a 4X and if the fish refuse to take after several good presentations and fly changes I would reduce my diameter to 5X maybe even 6X. I would do exactly the same for dry fly fishing.

    If the water is a bit cloudy you could get away with 3X, I use 3X early season when the fish are less wary.

    Streamer or lure fishing requires a slightly different set-up. I typically use 2X or 3X. If the water is dirty I might use 0X or even 20lb line.


    I am also self taught at fly fishing,( books and lots of time practising casting in parks ) I make up my own leaders, use sections of lines going down in strength/thickness from the fly line to help turn over. I know ready made ones save time but its cheaper to do your own.
    Flouro is good for flies that sink as it does too, not helpful with dries though as it can pull them under. I use Maxima Chameleon for most occasions, have done for years and it does the job.Just adjust your breaking strain to the conditions.

    tight lines!


    Lol I’ve just been using a rod length of 6lb mono on my fly rod. I’ve got a ready-made tippit and leader, sitting at home un-used.

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