Fixing up old lures

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    Hi there , I have bought a big bag of old lures off trade me a few are in need of a bit of touching up.

    Wanting to go to the Waimak and try my luck :)

    Does anyone know where to purchase prism tape or similar?

    Also of any paints that would be ideal eg type of paint , where to buy?

    Obviously never done this before!

    Any help would be great.



    I went to the warehouse crafts section and got some “2 tube” clear epoxy resin and some red and some green glitter, mix the glitter with some resin and apply to your lures, some red, some green, you can even get some little googly eyes to stick into the resin, they look real cool and are very durable.


    What kind of epoxy brand or is “2 tube” it? I got the ultra clear seleys one but don’t seem to have a smooth result when it sets? Do you get your paint brushes from there also?



    selleys, ultra clear araldite epoxy adhesive. it comes in a little double barrel siringe, one is the resin and one is the hardener. squirt some into a little cup add some glitter mix together and apply with a wee art paint brush. its hard to the touch after half an hour but set aside for 24 hours to dry properly


    you have got to be quite quick as it does set fast once the two compounds are mixed together.


    Thanks matey ill see how I go , also going to epoxy over some duracel prism too.


    the method i use is roughen the surface, spray with metallic auto repair paint, leave 24 hours, coat with nail polish -colour of choice ( ones with holographic bits in are good) then finally give a coat of dulux clear plastic- a can will spray 50+ spinners.


    Thanks appreciate it – gave on them for a bit as was haveing bad results! Ill look into that method – makes a lot of sense.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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